Welcome to Land Service

Teachers in Charge: Mrs Van Niekerk and Mrs D Teare

Chairperson: Rebecca Evershed

Thursdays 14:35 to 15:30 in room 130.

Land Service is a South African youth organisation with clubs at schools around the country.

Land Service is run based on four pillars: LOVE FOR GOD,  FELLOWMEN, NATURE AND WORK.

Land Service at Fairmont:

Clubs meet on a weekly basis to participate in a variety of activities, including, but not limited to working in our vegetable garden, park and beach clean ups, fundraising activities and participating in environmental awareness programmes. 

Learners pay an annual fee to be part of this society. Currently that fee is R110 per year. 

All members receive a membership badge when first registering.  Some of our activities also take place over the weekend and during holidays, but these activities are optional. 

Land Service Western Cape:

Land Service Western Cape also hosts a camp for all club members form the province once a term which all members are welcome to join at an additional fee per camp.  The arrangements for attending the camp is communicated through the school. 

Other activities are also hosted for all members from the Western Cape during the year for all clubs to enjoy together. 

Land Service South Africa:

Learners can achieve awards through the school, as with all other societies, for regular attendance and involvement to the society, but will also be scored based on the National Land Service points system. 

Over their high school careers, learners can accumulate points and work towards achieving their Silver, Gold, Impala and Leadership awards. 

Members can also qualify to be chosen for the National camp at the end of every year. Learners who attend the 1st camp of the year and the regional camp during the June holiday, qualify to be chosen for this privilege. During National camp, members for all the regions of SA come together to camp for 5 days. 

Learners who attend National twice and undertake in a National project, can also qualify for their Springbok Colours. 

Please feel free to visit the website for this youth organisation to find out more: