Policy on Attendance and Absenteeism

Policy On Attendance And Absenteeism


Latecomers must report to reception. A late note will be issued to the learner who must show this to the relevant subject teacher in that lesson of arrival. The subject teacher in that lesson must indicate the date and time of arrival in class and sign the late note. The learner must hand the note to the register teacher at the end of the day. The register teacher will complete the daily Class Register accordingly. The absentee secretary will email a list of absentees to staff by the first break of each day.


Cancellation of a Learner’s Record in a Class Register

A learner’s record in a class register may be cancelled for one of the following reasons:

When a learner’s record is cancelled, the principal must in writing:

Valid Reasons for Absence

Illness at School


Truancy is a serious offence and will be dealt with severely as a level 2 offence in accordance with the Fairmont High School Code of Conduct for learners. If a learner does not report for morning registration, a message will be sent via sms to the parent(s)/guardian(s) informing the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the absence from registration. It is the responsibility of the subject teacher or substitute teacher to check for and report acts of truancy.

The Class Register

The class register is a daily record of attendance of learners at lines, where roll-call will be taken by the register teacher at 7:55 and 14:25 each day. On rainy days and on a Monday and Thursday afternoon, learners will go to the class room of the register teacher where roll-call will be taken by the register teacher. On Tuesday and Thursday test days, roll call will be taken prior to the commencement of the test by the register teacher or nominated teacher in the registration room of the teacher. Attendance records are done on prepared class lists (with instructions), and transferred to electronic storage by a member of the administration staff.

The Period Register

Responsibilities of the Learners