2022 Textbooks Notes Workbooks.xlsx

Due to COVIC-19 there will unfortunately not be a Second-Hand Textbook Sale at the School this year. However, there are a few other options available:

  • the “Parents of Current Fairmont Learners” FB Page

  • friends, neighbours or family members

  • Fairmont Librarian Mrs. Venter has some books available for re-sale, please contact her on textbooks@fairmont.co.za


please navigate to our ONLINE STORE to place orders and make payments.


  1. Pro-Text Software

The Pro-Text programme for issuing the WCED textbooks at the school was specifically designed to administer, issue, retrieve and keep track of all textbooks issued to learners. Each Learner and every textbook is assigned a unique number. In the case of textbooks there is a barcode attached to the unique number. This means that a book can only be assigned to one learner at any given time. The programme keeps track of the dates of issues and retrievals as well as any outstanding items. We also use the programme to generate reports for stock take and end of year figures.

  1. Issue and Retrieval of Textbooks

In the ten days to two weeks before the start of the school year a set of WCED issued books is scanned onto each learner’s name. The learners collect their books during the course of their first week back at school. These books belong to the school and have to be returned at the end of the year. Gr.10-12 Learners have to return their books for each subject on the day they write the last paper for that subject. Gr.8&9 Learners have to return all the books at the same time on the day they write their last exam. If any learner has outstanding books against their name, they cannot receive their new books before the outstanding book/s are returned or the replacement cost paid. Any learner leaving the school during the course of the year has to return all their books before their transfer documents can be issued.

  1. Lost or Damaged Books

In the event that a book is damaged in any way, it should be returned to the school immediately. The Textbook Administrator will assess the book and determine whether the book can be repaired or if it has to be written off. In the event of the book being written off, the learner will be liable for the replacement cost of the book, depending on the cause of the damage. In the event of a book being lost, the learner will be liable for the replacement cost of the book, again depending on the cause of the loss. Should the lost book be recovered at a later stage, the learner will be refunded. In both instances a new book will be issued to the learner to replace the lost or written-off book. At no time should a new book be purchased to replace the lost book.

  1. Textbook Checks

During the second last week of each term each learner receives a copy of his/her current Textbook List. The learner should use this list to compare the barcode numbers on the list to the number in the books in their possession to determine whether they still have the correct books. This will help to ensure that each learner has the correct books ready to be returned at the end of the year. In term four the Textbook Lists will be issued earlier to give learners enough time to track down any misplaced books.