New Textbook Sales

Spectra Upfront is the official supplier of resource books to Fairmont High School.

Fairmont High School is partnered with Spectra Stationers, Glengarry, and they carry all the resource books on our Textbook Lists.

Sales can be made in cash, debit card or credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Spectra Stationers is Fairmont’s official supplier, please feel free to purchase your textbooks elsewhere. Please remember that the prices on the list are as quoted by Spectra Stationers.

ISBN numbers per book have been supplied on the textbook list to ensure that you purchase the correct version of the book.

WCED issued textbooks

The relevant textbooks will be issued to:

Textbook Return Policy

NO WCED issued textbooks MAY BE SOLD, it must be returned to the school at the end of 2024.

It is very important that your child(ren) return these books on the last day that he/she will be writing their exams at the end of 2024.

Covering of Exercise Books

Books may be covered with any suitable paper. We kindly request that you do not label any books until the new term starts. Instructions will be supplied by the various subject teachers as to what is required.

Please note that the Lists consist of the following three columns:

Column A - These are WCED issued textbooks that all learners receive from the school at no cost. Should these books however be lost or damaged, there will be a replacement cost involved. If the book is later found, returned and still in a usable condition, you will be refunded. PLEASE NEVER BUY A REPLACEMENT BOOK AND HAND IT IN IN THE PLACE OF THE BOOK THAT WAS ISSUED. You will still be charged for the lost book. If your child receives a book that is already damaged or needs to be re-covered/replaced, please return it to the Library for replacement/repair.

Column B - These are “Readers” or Workbooks that have to be purchased by you. Spectra Stationers at

Glengarry carry all the books on our Textbook Lists, but you are welcome to shop around for better prices. Please make sure that you check the ISBN numbers (provided on the lists) to ensure that you buy the correct version of the book. Also, note that the prices in column B has been quoted by Spectra Stationers.

Column C - These are workbooks/notes that are available from the various subject teachers and can only be purchased via the Online Store (Textbook Store), also on the FHS Website. Please ensure that you print or save the Invoice generated by the program. Your child will need this invoice in order to receive his/her books/notes from the various teachers.

Grade 8 - 2024Textbooks Notes Workbooks

2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks 8.pdf

Grade 9 - 2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks

2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks 9.pdf

Grade 10 - 2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks

2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks 10.pdf

Grade 11 - 2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks

2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks 11.pdf

Grade 12 - 2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks

2024 Textbooks Notes Workbooks 12.pdf