This is the motto of Learner Leadership at

Fairmont High School.

Here we strive to give as many opportunities as possible to all our learners to develop and hone their unique leadership style and skills through various platforms. In the Sport Portfolio we have captains and vice-captains. In the Cultural Portfolio we have chairpersons of societies and opportunities to direct and manage various spheres in our stage productions. In Grade 10 our learners can opt to attend a leadership camp with the sole purpose of leadership development and networking with their peers. However, it is in the Leadership Portfolio itself where most development takes place. Here we offer something for everyone.

Our four main leadership groups are as follows:

RCL – the legally constituted body that protects the rights of our learners

Prefects – the guardians of school traditions and Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence

iMpact – they promote spirit, unity and look after the general well-being of our student body

Senior Council – their focus is on fundraising, events, building spirit and Matric matters

These four bodies work in unison to collectively support and promote what is in the best interest of Fairmont’s student body, teachers and community. You will notice that various aspects of their roles overlap and this helps us to ensure that the leadership bodies, while they have different core focal points, work cohesively towards a common goal.

They work tirelessly to enhance the experience of every Monty and strive to set an example of moral leadership for all to emulate and strive to attain. They are courageous young men and women who have heeded the call to take up the lead. They rise to serve their fellow Monties, not through force, but through friendship, humility and integrity. “If you are too big to serve then you are too small to lead.” These words, by Rich Wilkerson Jr, are what our Monty leaders choose to live by. We are extremely proud of those who have gone before, those who have been custodians for today and those who will rise to lead tomorrow.

Always remember that as a Monty leader you are standing on the shoulders of the great young men and women who led before you and it is your duty to safeguard their legacy and pass it on to those who will follow in your footsteps.

Structure of Learner Leadership 2021/2022

It is the intention of the school to create an environment where the Learner Leaders of the school work collaboratively to achieve their common goals. Rather than the four leadership bodies working in isolation from one another, they will have certain shared initiatives, projects and responsibilties, as well as those that are unique to their body. For this reason, the portfolio structure of the leadership bodies will change slightly going forward. Each body will have an executive portfolio, a number of shared portfolios and each body will then have a portfolio that is unique to the functioning of their body.

The structure of these portfolio's for 2022 will be as follows: