Senior Council

Who are we?

The Senior Council is a student organisation responsible for the fostering of school pride and spirit amongst their grades. The Council is tasked with organising senior grade associated events to raise spirit within their grades as well as funds to be used towards their Matric year at Fairmont. 

Senior Council Pledge

We pledge to build school spirit through kindness, hard work and service. We will strive to foster the traditions and pride that contributes to a unique Grade 12 experience for this year and years to come. To achieve this we will help to create opportunities to generate spirit, build relationships and create lasting memories.

Roles and Responsibilities

All council members must demonstrate a willingness to participate in school activities, enthusiasm to assist where needed, respect for self and others and a strong sense of school pride and spirit. A positive attitude and willingness to assist is imperative. Creativity and fun is encouraged!

Duties of the Senior Council

Annual Senior Council Events and Responsibilities

Members are expected to attend various school events in order to encourage school spirit among their peers. 

Structure of the Senior Council

The Senior Council will consist of 20 learners:

5 Grade 10 learners

5 Grade 11 learners

10 Grade 12 learners

The Senior Council Executive


A Grade 12 learner who will run the Senior Council and see to the overall needs.


A Grade 11 or 12 learner who will assist the Chairperson and oversee the Portfolio heads.


A Grade 10, 11 or 12 learner who will be responsible for all of the Senior Council's administration and finances.

The Senior Council is run by the executive body and the teachers in charge: Mrs A. van Niekerk, Mr P. Louw and Miss J. Hancock.