All awards are subject to learners showing correct behaviour, sportspersonship and general bearing at all times. Because the school's name and reputation need to be protected, it is imperative that the bearer of the Fairmont Award portrays the positive traits mentioned above. This prerequisite encompasses behaviour on and off the field which includes general bearing and the attitude towards Fairmont as a whole.

The school reserves the right to withhold or withdraw any award should the behaviour of a learner be so poor that the Head of Sport Code, Coach and Manager of the sport deem it contrary to the school's ethics.


Awarded to a learner in grade 8 or above who has participated in two thirds of practices and played matches for the FIRST TEAM in a particular season or year. The learner must be a regular member of the FIRST TEAM at the end of the season to qualify for an award, i.e. he/she will not qualify if he/she did not complete the season due to lack of form or commitment.


Awarded to a learner in grade 8 or above who has shown and maintained an above average ability or standard in a particular sport for the FIRST TEAM and made a difference to the team, and could be chosen for most FIRST TEAMS we participate against.


Awarded to a learner in grade 9 or above who played FIRST TEAM and has qualified for a team as well as a merit award. In addition, they must also fulfill at least one or more of the following criteria:


Awarded to a grade 9 or above who played FIRST TEAM and fulfills two of the following criteria:


Athletics, golf, chess, swimming, drum-majorettes and equestrian will use the general sport award criteria and their own special criteria to determine their awards.

Special achievement certificates will be presented to grade 8 - grade 12 players who have excelled in their sport code during the summer and winter sport season.

A sport not offered or played at Fairmont High School will be recognised with a WP or SA scroll.