Policy for the Handing in of Assignments

Policy For The Handing In Of Assignments

The school’s policy for not handing in work:

For learners to know what is expected of them it is necessary that all staff follow the same procedure when collecting work etc. to be marked.

This procedure is to be adhered to for all learners to be treated fairly. This will also ensure that learners will know what is expected of them and that meeting deadlines is imperative and a good quality to learn for future use in the work place.

It is therefore a requirement for all staff to follow the following procedure.

Procedure to follow for the handing in of work:

  • Give set dates at the start of each term for assignments / tests etc. to learners.
  • Stick to set dates unless it is absolute necessary to change a date. This notification must be written on the board and learners regularly reminded of this.
  • When collecting work, learners must either sign or educator must tick on a class list that the assignment was handed in on time. Records must be kept in the mark book or educator's portfolio.
  • Should a learner be ill on the due date, then the parent must arrange for the task/project to be delivered at school on the due date or the learner / parent must email the project to the relevant subject teacher.
  • Procedure to follow when work is not handed in:

- Project/assignment not in on due date - SMS / email to parents

- Project/assignment not in on second day then 25% deducted off marks??

- Project/assignment not in on the third day then the academic head must be informed to follow up with the learner.

  • Should a learner not adhere to handing in the assignment/project then the learner will be required to attend an Academic Detention.

- The educator must inform the Academic head immediately that the project is still outstanding.

- DT will only be given if the educator has followed the correct procedure of contacting parents etc. Proof of this correspondence must be provided to the Academic Head.

- The learner will be placed into Friday DT for two hours.

- The learner will be required to either complete or work on the project/assignment during the two hours.

- At the end of the session the project/assignment will be handed in: complete or incomplete.

- Should the project/assignment not be completed then the learner will forfeit the marks for the outstanding work.