Dear Parents and Staff

From Monday, 28 September, we will have all the grades back at school. The Matrics are writing exams at the moment which means that they are in the Student Centre and not in the School building. This will ease the congestion and assist with the social distancing.

I want to assure you that we will continue to work on creating a safe environment for your child and for our staff. If at any stage we feel that we need to go back to alternating days, we will do so.

I have had a few questions about the school uniform. Your son or daughter may wear his or her school uniform to school. The date for the official return of the uniform, as I indicated in a previous email, is the first day of next term. However, if they want to start wearing it now, we will allow it. They may wear summer or winter uniform, but they may not mix the summer and winter uniform, and they may not mix it up with civvies. All Appearance Rules and Regulations will have to be strictly adhered to. Civvies are still allowed to be worn by those who choose to, until the end of the term.

If your son or daughter is too late for the screening in the morning, they must report to the Security guard who will then take them for screening by the front office staff. They may not enter the school building without being screened. Please emphasise this to your son / daughter.

Tomorrow we celebrate National Heritage Day. Continue to celebrate your heritage.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



Please note that all learners return to their normal classes from 28 September.

September Times 2020


Dear Parents, Staff and Learners

Earlier this week the President announced that we were moving to Level 1 restrictions. It was not immediately clear how that affected schools but we are starting to get more information from the WCED. Schools are now allowed to accommodate all the grades every day if they are able to comply with the health and safety requirements of the department. It essentially means that we must still be able to maintain the 1m distance between individuals in the school building and classrooms if we bring all the learners back.

We will however need next week to make appropriate adjustments to screening stations and classrooms to accommodate all the grades at school on the same day and maintain the 1m distance in all classes. Next week, we will continue as we have the last five weeks which means that on:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday grade 10 - 12 learners will attend school and not the juniors

Tuesday, 22 September grades 8,9 and 12 will attend and not grades 10 and 11.

Remember that Thursda,y 24 September is a public holiday and Friday, 25 September, is a normal school day.

As from Monday,28 September, ALL the grades will return to school and will continue to attend school every day until further notice.

We will prepare the school to continue to adhere to all safety and health requirements when everyone returns and want to appeal to all of you to not relax your efforts to curtail the spread of the virus.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s)

After careful consideration, we have decided to continue with the learners attending school in civvies until the end of the term.

We will reintroduce the School Uniform at the start of the 4th term.

This will mean that parents do not have to buy winter uniforms now to be worn for the remainder of this term, but that the summer uniform will be worn from the start of the 4th term.

Yours sincerely

Leon Erasmus



This media statement by Minister Debbie Schaffer makes for very interesting reading and shows that our pupils and teachers are not at increased risk in relation to the rest of the population.

21 July 2020 - Covid-19 in schools.pdf


2020 NSC Timetable - 11 August 2020 - FINAL.pdf


Dear Parents

It is extremely important that you do your own screening of your child at home before you drop him/her off at school.

Even though we have procedures in place to deal with learners who record a higher temperature or answer yes to any of the questions as illustrated in the video, we would want to avoid putting other people at risk and causing possible panic amongst our learners and staff.

If there are any signs of illness or even if he/she feels unwell, then rather keep him/her at home. If your child answers yes to any of the questions or if they record a temperature of 38 degrees or higher here at school when we screen them, we will isolate him/her and call you to come and fetch him/her.

Yours sincerely

Leon Erasmus



These two videos explain the procedure and different venues for the grade 8s and 9s when returning to school.


Monday to Friday: 07:30 – 08:30. Both break times. An hour after school (Friday – ½ hour after school)


Please call Heidi Sparks at 021 976 1147. Click the link in the title to check our range of stock.


If your child is absent, an email must be sent to their register teacher when they return to school to explain their absence. A doctor's note (as you will see below) is necessary if your child misses an assessment.


Learners are not allowed to go home immediately after a test if they are ill. They have to stay until first break.

  • NO learner will be allowed to go home early on any day or after a test without a written letter from the parent requesting this. No emails will be accepted.

  • Permission to go home early will only be allowed in the case of an emergency.

  • If a learner is too ill to stay for the full day after a test, then they must not come to school to write.

  • In case of absenteeism a medical certificate or relevant chemist slip must be provided.


All learners are required to be at school at the regular time - 07h50 - even if they are not writing a test. This time will be used for academic consolidation or tasks organised by various subject departments.

All parents are asked to be aware that when a child misses a Monday or a Thursday test, a certificate from the clinic, a doctor’s certificate or a relevant chemist slip is required. The date on the chemist slip and medication bought must pertain to the pupil’s absenteeism.

A medical certificate from either the clinic or the doctor is applicable for missing any exam.

No exceptions will be made for learners who miss formal assessments owing to holiday arrangements.

Grade 9 and Matric pupils must produce a doctor’s certificate for tests and exams missed as these are the two exit phases and the marks are externally moderated by the Education Department.


  1. If a learner feels too sick to continue the school day or have to leave for an appointment, he/she must adhere to the following “sign-out procedure”:

  2. The learner must bring a letter from the parent (or send an email) to school on the day of leaving early. They must report to the DCR (Discipline Control Room) to obtain a “sign-out form”. This form is taken to all the teaching staff to sign and acknowledge that he/she will not be in class for the lesson. If a test or any other assessment activity is scheduled, the staff member may request the learner to be present for the lesson.

  3. Please note that the front office will contact parents/guardians to fetch learners and that this arrangement should not be made by the learners. It is also important that parents allow for enough time for the process (explained above) to be followed. Learners must therefore sign out at least 20 minutes before their collection time, and be ready for collection at the Front Office, at the time mentioned in the letter.

  4. After the necessary documentation has been signed, learners will be signed out at reception by their guardian/parent who has arrived to fetch them.

  5. t is advised that, should parents/learners be aware that they have scheduled an appointment, the learners arrange/fetch the necessary documentation timeously - i.e. earlier in the day.

  6. Please note that learners are not allowed to leave the school’s premises or class without following procedure or before the necessary documentation has been completed.


School will commence at 07h50 and end each day at 14h35

NB: There may be occasions when pupils will be required to stay up to ten minutes later without prior warning.