Who are we?

The Prefects have been part of Fairmont since its inception in 1977.

They are a group of 24 matrics who are elected by their peers and staff to serve as the gatekeepers of school traditions and the embodiment of our Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. They have traditionally been an extension of the discipline arm of the school, upholding the School’s Code of Conduct, but more recently their focus has shifted to brand ambassadors and role models for our school rules and values.

Prefectship is based on the concept of servant leadership; serving their school community with humility and integrity. They are Fairmont’s leading citizens, setting an example for all to follow.

The Prefect Pledge

I promise to carry out my duties to the best of my ability, to involve myself in school activities, to preserve school traditions, to embody the core values of respect, integrity, service and excellence, to concern myself with the needs of others, and always be fair, honest, obedient and loyal.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Prefect Body is divided into four portfolios: the Executive, Academic, Co-Curricular and Pastoral portfolios. Each prefect is awarded a single portfolio to administrate and take charge of for the year. However, all prefects may be called upon to assist with any event which falls under the purview of the prefect body.

Structure of the Prefects

The Prefect body consists of 24 Matrics. The school will endeavour to have 12 boys and 12 girls.

The Executive Portfolio is made up of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.

The other 20 Prefects are divided into the other three portfolios based on strengths and interests.

The Prefects are lead by the Prefect Executive as well as two teachers in charge: Mrs Nicolette Solomon and Mrs Elsabe Van Zyl.

Perfect Portfolios

Administrative Portfolio is in charge of:

  • Duty Rosters

  • Attendance Registers

  • Late Slips

  • Assembly Duties

  • Roaming duties during assemblies

  • Senior Academic Awards evening

  • Junior Academic Awards evening

  • Peer tutoring system

  • Liaison with ES and PI

  • Rule of the Week

  • Liaise with VN regarding discipline

  • Give feedback in assemblies

Co-Curricular Portfolio is in charge of:

  • Sport matters

  • Liaison with VN and CJ regarding sport matters

  • Liaison with BN regarding culture and societies

  • Assist with Society awards evening

  • Assist with One-Act plays

  • Assist in organising Grade 8 Athletics trials

  • Assist with Mr & Miss FHS

  • Assist with Annual Production

  • Assist with society & sport sign-up

  • Assist CH with Interhouse and Interschools athletics

  • Assist FD with swimming galas (officials and time keepers)

  • Assist with organising of Interhouse sporting competition

  • Assist with organising of Founder’s Day and Past Pupil’s Event

  • Assist SL with organising of FHS/DFM History Keynote Event

  • Assist with organising Spirit Week

Pastoral Portfolio is in charge of:

  • Prefect Buddy System

  • Prefect room décor and cleaning roster

  • Design and ordering of prefect T-shirts and other paraphernalia

  • Organising prefect development sessions (one per term)

  • Contact with other prefects at other schools

  • Organising the Settlers Prefect/RCL Contact

  • Mentoring of students

  • Birthdays and celebrations

  • Baby Photo Competition

  • Look after the morale of the prefect body

  • Hug-a-Prefect Competition

  • Maintain Prefect Board

  • Valentine’s Day programme