Who are we?

How does one succeed at school? School success is measured in many different ways. Some say academic achievement is the most important while others focus on extracurricular activities such as sport or cultural involvement. Ultimately, the foundation of any success is pride, unity and spirit within the school. If you are proud of what you are involved in, you will be willing to put in effort towards your academics, towards your cultural involvement and towards your sport.

iMpact is a learner leadership body that aims to foster a sense of unity, pride and spirit in the Fairmont family. This family consists of learners, staff and parents. We believe that every student has something valuable to add to the success of Fairmont and we strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels that they belong here. We also believe that we can all encourage each other to succeed in whichever sphere of school life we find ourselves.

iMpact has only existed in this capacity for the last three years. Before that it was the Circle of Trust.

Every individual’s actions, no matter how small, can make an impact – imagine the impact we can make together, as one, unified school!

Our Mission Statement

We will endeavour to awaken and establish a spirit of unity, love and pride for the Fairmont High School community."

The role of iMpact is laid out by their mission statement. We are to help create spirit, unity, love and pride within the school. We aim to do this in the following ways:

  • Set an example of what it means to be a Monty. This includes living out the core values: Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence.

  • Encourage spirit within the school and positively promote Fairmont in the community.

  • Embrace and foster a sense of togetherness / community and have a welcoming attitude where everyone at our school feels accepted.

  • Encourage relationship development (between pupils, pupils and teachers, pupils and community)

  • Members of iMpact should be involved in a variety of school activities and show their support and encouragement for others.

  • By being intentional and purposeful about the way we approach tasks and people we hope that all Monties will be valued.

  • Serve our school - it’s pupils and it's staff.

The nature of iMpact’s role, means that as a body they will work collaboratively with the other learner leadership bodies in helping them achieve their goals too.

Some of what iMpact will be involved in is the following:

  • Facilitating cheering support for Interschools and Derbys

  • Monty Bear presence at events

  • Pay-It-Forwards

  • Acknowledging and celebrating special days on the the school calendar

  • Organising and running Spirit Weeks alongside the other leadership bodies

  • Organising, assisting and supporting at various school functions

  • An annual community project

  • Assisting Prefects and RCL with Grade 8 and new pupil orientation.

  • Use this body as a vessel to grow student leaders who love Fairmont, who are involved, well-balanced pupils who are passionate about wanting Fairmont to be the best it can

  • Once a term open up the iMpact committee meeting to anyone who would like to attend to get a feel for what we do

  • Create a caring, enthusiastic atmosphere within iMpact so that they are able to give of themselves to the school

All members of iMpact will attend a weekly iMpact meeting and their specific responsibilities will be dependant on which portfolio they are in.

Structure of iMpact

iMpact consists of 24 committee members, made of 4 Executive members and 20 members from Grade 8 to 12. The members will each be allocated to one of the portfolios.

The iMpact Executive


A Grade 12 learner who will run iMpact and see to the overall needs.


A Grade 11 or 12 learner who will assist the Chairperson and oversee the Portfolio involement.


A Grade 10, 11 or 12 learner who will be responsible for all iMpact's administration.


A Grade 10, 11 or 12 learner who will be responsible for all iMpact's finance and fundraising.


The iMpact members will occupy the Learner Leadership shared portfolios:

  • Pride and Unity

  • Care Bears

  • Connecting FHS

  • Ignite

  • Just Fix It

They will also occupy their own unique portfolio: Pay-It-Forward (PIF)

This portolio will be responsible for initiating random acts of kindness around the school. These are then reciprocated by passing the kindness on to another.

iMpact will be led by the iMpact Executive as well as Miss Bianca Besener as the teacher-in-charge.


  • To apply for iMpact you need to join a Google Classroom to access the Application Form.

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Google Account with your Fairmont log-in.

  • Access Google Classroom and opt to "Join a Class" using this code: 74lwto4

  • There you will have access to the Application Form (due Thursday 28 July) as well as information regarding the interview procedure.