In any civilisation, at any stage in our rich history as humans, cultural activities have been the provider of great insight into the soul of the people. Be it a painting, a musical event, a play, a novel, statue… the list of contributions to our history is endless. The Arts have often added to establish change in society or create awareness which leads to change.

Cultural activities and societies allow our learners to express themselves creatively and allow them to develop many skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking and self-expression. This adds to the holistic development of any learner, enables learners to develop confidence and teaches them dedication and commitment. The enjoyment and the end products are the added bonuses.

At Fairmont, we take great pride in the number of cultural activities and societies we offer. Each society and cultural activity is unique and, subsequently, assists in adding to the diversity of learners and their interests at our school.

As a team of passionate teachers involved with societies, we have identified five focus areas in our vision for culture at Fairmont.

These are:

  1. growth (of learners, culture and educators),

  2. diversity (of activities offered as well as involvement),

  3. commitment (to foster dedication as good practice),

  4. inclusivity (to include as many learners as we can)

  5. and celebration (to celebrate cultural activities and the value they add to our lives).

Welcome to our family - join our cultural activities and enrich your soul!

Mr Fanie Basson, Head of Culture and Societies