is a vibrant, dynamic school where there is always something on the go! We are a big school, with one and a half thousand learners on our roll. Being big gives us an advantage when it comes to staff compliment - with a staff body of over eighty teachers, we have an incredible range of talented and dedicated staff who are there to meet your child's needs in terms of sport, academics and culture

While big, we are also a caring, family-orientated school where we seek to develop our learners into well-rounded young men and women who are capable, respectful and kind. Having an average class size of twenty five to thirty learners, a range of societies and sports teams, and an array of cultural activities available to our learners, we find that our students always find a home within our big school.

While our learners excel at sports, culture and academics, we also believe that developing one's personal excellence is a key milestone for all learners. We celebrate learners who work hard, who are unafraid to try, and who are prepared to learn from and support those around them. 

Fundamentally, we embrace and encourage our learners to embody the values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence!