Policy on Subject Choices and Subject Changes

Policy on Subject Choices and Subject Changes


The policy is to ensure that learners make the correct choices regarding their subjects for the FET phase and to eliminate any subject changes later in their high school career.

All subjects in the Further Education and Training Phase follow a three year programme from grade 10 to 12.

Subject Choice:

All Gr. 9 learners will make their subject selection for Gr. 10 during August of the Gr. 9 year.  The Life Orientation department will inform and liaise with learners regarding career options and the requirements.

Restrictions on certain subjects:

1.  The following subjects must be selected at the start of the Gr. 10 academic year and no changes into this subject will be allowed later in the year:

-  Engineering Graphics and Design

-  Information Technology

2.  As from 2017 learners in Gr. 10 wanting to study Accounting and Physical Sciences must take Mathematics as a subject through to Gr. 12.

3.  Should learners wish to change to one of the following subjects in the Gr. 11 year these must be taken as from the start of the GR. 11 year:

-  Computer Applications Technology

-  Design

-  Visual Arts

Subject changes as from 2017

The subject change policy has changed as promulgated in the Regulations Pertaining to the National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12 as amended in the Government Gazette, No. 39435 of 20 November 2015.

Subject changes in Grade 10

Subject changes in Grade 11

Subject changes in Grade 12

The administration of subject change for Grade 10-12