28 May 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

As of Monday we will be implementing a new screening procedure.


All learners will be screened at the main gate and back gate from 7:00am to 7:50am. Please ensure that your child arrives in good time.

The screener will check the learner’s temperature and ask them to declare if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. In the event that a learner displays a temperature above 37.5° degrees or declares that they have Covid symptoms, they will not be allowed to enter the premises. They must then wait outside until a member of the Covid-19 team has spoken to them.

At 7:50am, the bell will ring for the start of Registration. The learners will report to their register classrooms for registration purposes. The learners will stay in their register classroom until the bell rings at 8:00am.

Learners who arrive after 7:50am will be registered in the pool area and recorded as late.

Detention will be issued for persistent latecomers.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff who have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to ensure the safety of all our learners.

Kind regards

Mr F. Jansen van Rensburg



13 May 2021





  • Learners get screened at the GYM from 13:00 – 13:30.

  • Learners wait at Café Monty until bell rings at 13:35.

  • Learners proceed to their register classes. Grade 10/11 register educators will be the invigilators for these sessions.

Except for IT Practical (3 June) and Music (25 June).


  • Learners may only leave the exam venues at the end of the test session.

  • Learners must wear the correct school uniform when arriving at school.


Mr PP Botes

Junior Academics Head


10 May 2021

Dear Parents,

With winter fast approaching all learners are reminded to be in full winter uniform as of Monday 17 May 2021.

It was agreed in 2019 that the official green school tracksuit top may be worn instead of the blazers on non-blazer days. The green tracksuit top may be worn over the school jersey and or blazer. The school tie must be visible when wearing the tracksuit top.

The girls are reminded to wear brown stockings only and no white or other socks will be allowed.

No hoodies or other tracksuit tops are allowed to be worn.

On very cold days learners may bring the official brown school blanket to cover their legs during lessons (the blanket may not be draped or wrapped around the body).

General appearance

Boys are reminded to keep their hair neat and tidy and in line with the schools' policy. No beards or mustaches allowed (often concealed under the face mask).

Girls may only wear one set of earrings (no transparent retainers), nail polish is not permitted.

Kind Regards,

Mr van Rensburg

Deputy Principal

Assessment Calendar Term 3 - 2021 - JUL - OCT.pdf


30 June 2021

Good afternoon Parent(s) / Guardian(s)

Please find the Assessment Calendar for Term 3 attached for your attention.

Stay warm and stay safe.




30 June 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

Term 2 has come to an end sooner than we thought but, as I said in my previous communication, it worked out well for us. We completed our assessments last week and we would have continued with new work in these last two weeks. This can now be done when we return next term. Our learners and staff have worked hard this term and deserve a rest. Term 3 is expected to start on Monday, 19 July 2021, and I hope this will be possible and that the ‘third wave’ would have subsided.

In my last communication, I said that we will start with the grade 8s not at school. We had to adjust the calendar because of the changes and it now means that the grade 11s will not be at school on Monday, 19 July. The grade 8s will join us on the first day. You will receive the assessment calendar shortly, indicating the set tests and the dates stipulating which grades stay at home.

We say goodbye to Mrs Nicolette Solomon who has accepted a position at DF Malan and we want to wish her all the best. She has given many years of loyal and dedicated service to Fairmont and I know she will be missed. I also want to thank Ms Odette Booysen who stood in for Mrs Karien de Jongh while she was on maternity leave.

As previously mentioned, we will issue reports after the school holidays. Please go through the report with your son/daughter and if there are any concerns, feel free to contact us. The Matrics have about a month left from when we start with the new term to when we start writing Prelim Examinations. This year has flown by and before we know it, they will be sitting for the Finals.

We have not made a final decision with regards to the Matric Farewell and we are delaying this decision for as long as possible. The reality is that it will be highly unlikely that we will be able to have one this year.

Thank you for all the support we receive, and I want to wish you a relaxing and enjoyable time with your families.

Kind regards

Mr L.M. Erasmus



28 June 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

Term 2 will end on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 10h00 for learners, and on Friday, 2 July 2021, for staff.

As a school, we have completed our term assessments and the earlier closure will not have a negative effect on our Academics. Our learners and staff have been working hard this term and the pace was unrelenting. It actually suits us that it ends earlier so that our learners and staff can enjoy a well-deserved rest.

We will complete the marks this week and reports will be issued next term. This is a change from what I announced last week but, with the change of dates, we will not have the reports ready by Wednesday.

Please look at the parenting videos we have loaded on the Fairmont website. These videos are very informative and will assist you as a parent. As parents, we face challenges every day and we do not always have all the answers.

At this stage, Term 3 will start on Monday, 19 July 2021, with week 1. The grade 8 learners will not be at school on the first day.

The Assessment Calendar will be uploaded shortly to the school website. Please ensure our learners are aware of all their upcoming tests.

Please stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



24 June 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

We are now nearing the end of the term with the school closing for the July holidays in the next two weeks.

We have had two positive cases of Covid amongst our learners this week and none amongst our staff. These cases have been reported to the authorities and contact tracing has been done. Please refer to information available about what constitutes ‘close contact’. We have still not been able to trace any of our positive cases to the school. However, it does not mean that we can relax our efforts. We are still sanitising the desks after each lesson, the bathrooms after each break, the classrooms every afternoon and importantly, the whole school is fogged every weekend.

In this regard, I cannot express enough gratitude to Mr Charles Rudolph, one of our parents who, with his company, has fogged the whole school every weekend since last year - at no cost to the school. This is a tremendously generous gesture and I would like to use this platform to thank him again for his commitment.

We are ending off our assessments, but we are going to continue with our academic work until the end of the term. It is therefore important that your child attends school until the end of the term. Reports will be handed out at the end of this term.

The school staff have received their vaccination schedules and the first members of staff will be vaccinated on Monday, 28 June 2021. This will continue until the last week of the term.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to be vigilant and adhere to the Covid-19 regulations. I want to again appeal to you to keep your family safe and to keep social interaction to the bare minimum. Lives are at stake and, even though we are doing fine at the moment, we are also aware of what is happening in Gauteng.

Stay warm and safe!

Your sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



18 June 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

COVID – 19

We have felt the impact of the so-called "Third Wave" of the pandemic with an increase of positive cases amongst our learners over the last 10 days. Spread out over this period, we have had 6 confirmed cases from various grades. In each case, we have done contact tracing and advised those affected. We are continuing to sanitize the classrooms every day, and the school is also deep cleaned every weekend.

The onus is also on our learners to clean their desks with sanitizer every time they enter a classroom. Some of our educators have also gone into self-isolation from time to time after they have been in contact with Covid-19 positive individuals, but none of them have contracted the virus over the last few weeks. We are thinking of all those who are going through the trauma of having sick family members.

Please stay away from large family gatherings, parties and other events where groups get together. We are also concerned about the learners who wait for hours for their lifts after school. In some cases, they wait here until after sunset. I do understand that most parents work and that they are not always able to pick their children up straight after school, but please see what arrangements you can make.

The Minister of Education is addressing the media on Saturday and we do not know what she is going to say. I know there has been a call from some quarters for schools to close, but there is also a feeling from others that schools are safe and that face-to-face teaching and social interaction is very important for our learner.

As soon as we receive our instructions from the Minister of Education, the information will be relayed to you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mr L.M. Erasmus



8 June 2021

Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Staff and Learners

The national Covid statistics show that we have had an increase in positive Covid-19 cases over the last few weeks and that this "third wave" is moving towards the Western Cape. It is important that we continue to stay vigilant, and I want to assure you that we are still insisting that the learners and staff follow all the protocols. The school is also being sanitised daily and deep-cleaned over weekends. It is however very concerning that some of our learners are behaving irresponsibly by attending parties and gatherings over weekends. These events are so-called "hot spots" and can spread the virus amongst our families and the school. The Matrics must stay clear of these social gatherings so that they do not jeopardize their academic future. We all need to be sensible and responsible.

We currently have two learners who have tested positive and all contact tracing procedures have been followed. The learners who were identified as close contacts with these 2 learners are in isolation for the mandatory 10 days.

Most of you would have heard by now that the mid-year examinations have been cancelled by the Department of Basic Education. Schools in the Western Cape were given the option to write exams, but these marks are not allowed to count and must be written after hours. As a school, we have decided to continue the way we have planned and that we will continue with our tests program for the remainder of this term. This also allows for the maximum contact and teaching time in the classroom.

We have heard that the teachers and other staff will be vaccinated in the next few weeks, but we have not yet had official communication from the WCED in this regard. This is good news for our staff who are in some cases feeling anxious, especially when we hear of positive cases. As a school, we have been lucky that we have not had a large outbreak of the virus, but we also know that this can change very quickly.

It was good to see our orchestra and marimba band performing at the Willowbridge Shopping Centre a couple of weekends ago, and we are continuing with non-contact practices for our winter sport codes under strict Covid protocols. These activities do a lot for the physical and mental well-being of our children.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



21 May 2021

Dear Parents, Staff and Learners

Following the Department of Basic Education’s suspension of all contact sport at schools, we cancelled all practices and matches for our contact sports for the remainder of this week. The contact sports that we at Fairmont participate in are Hockey, Rugby, Netball and Soccer.

Some federations like Squash SA have also suspended schools' league matches even though it is not a contact sport. We also received notice that choir activities have been cancelled.

It is my guess that more governing bodies of non-contact sports will decide the way forward in their sports that will determine how we move forward with these sports.

Non-contact sport practices will continue next week, but a decision will be made about contact sport practices early next week when we have received more information from the WCED.


Parents must please note that our learners have 100% right of way in the car park area.

We ask that you are vigilant of those learners crossing or walking next to the road. Please be patient and err on the side of caution, especially when a learner is crossing the road.

This problem is exacerbated when we experience bad weather and this is the start of Winter.

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus



23 April 2021

Dear Parents, Staff and Learners


Term 1 of 2021 has come to an end and I must say that I could see that the Matrics and Educators were feeling the effects of a stressful and long term. For some of us, the term started more than three months ago and, with the added stress of managing a pandemic, it started to take its toll towards the end.

School Attendance

The model we have been using where one grade stays home per day (except the Matrics) seems to be the best for us at this stage. No school is the same and every school has to find a model that suits them the best. Attached to this email you will see the programme for school attendance as well as the assessment calendar for next term.

Please also remember that the last day of this term, Friday, 23 April, is a full school day and attendance is compulsory.


We altered the school day slightly to accommodate tests at the end of the day and this has worked well. Please remember that the learners must be at school for the full day if they are writing a test at the end of the day. We will continue with this programme next term and at this stage there are no June examinations, but as you know by now, things can change quickly. We are still writing tests in the last week of this term and reports will be issued in the second week of Term 2. We had grade assemblies this week where we also recognised the academic achievements of our learners based on their 2020 results. Congratulations to all those who received awards. The Grade 8 Blazer Ceremony was held on Thursday where the grade 8s were officially inducted into the school. This would normally have been an evening with parents in attendance but, because of the Covid-19 regulations, we had to change the format for this function. They look like a strong group and I have no doubt that they will be a great asset to the school in years to come.


We have phased in various extra mural activities like Societies, Culture and Sport. The Hockey teams have played pre-season matches this last week, and Rugby have been given their fixtures for the year. Both the Boys’ and Girls’ 1st XI Hockey teams had good victories over Hoërskool Belville and DF Malan. I was also impressed with the U14 Boys’ and Girls’ teams. We are waiting for the other sport codes to release their fixtures for next term and will keep you posted. Hopefully we will be able to soon welcome back our spectators so that we can all share the successes of our sports’ teams. Until then, we can unfortunately not allow any parents and spectators at these matches.

The orchestra played during one of the breaks and the Marimba band entertained us a few weeks back before the start of the school day. It is not ideal, but at least they found an opportunity to showcase their talents. The Wildlife Society did a beach clean-up and I want to thank Mrs Bezuidenhout and all the learners for doing this. We are slowly re-introducing some activities, but I can assure you that we do them with the necessary Covid-19 protocols in place.

Matric Dance

I have had a few queries about the Matric Dance and whether we would be having one this year. The last instruction we had from the WCED was that we were asked not to have these kinds of events. We will continue to engage with the WCED, the Matrics and the Learner Executive and make a decision later in the year. There is a restriction on the number of people allowed at gatherings and a fear is also that we have a mass infection from a function like this. If it is close to the exams, it could affect the writing of these exams. An option would be for the Matrics to have a similar event to what was held last year where the Matrics got together at the end of the year, after the last subject was written. I want to delay this decision and appeal for your patience until we have more clarity and see how this pandemic plays out towards the second half of the year.

Staff News

Mrs Linette Rousseau is retiring at the end of this month and I want to thank her for her dedication to Fairmont over the years and wish her a happy and restful retirement. Thank you to Ms Amy Leerkamp for taking over Mrs Rosseau’s classes until we advertise the post later in the new term.

Mrs de Jongh and Mrs Wessels are both on maternity leave and we congratulate and welcome Francois de Jongh and Jakobus Barend Wessels to the Fairmont Family.

I also want to thank the educators as well as our admin and support staff for their hard work under stressful conditions this past term. They have been our heroes and I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to our learners.

Covid 19

We have had very few and isolated incidents of infections amongst our learners and staff this term. We were able to prevent the spread of the virus in our school and I want to thank our Covid-19 Committee, lead by Mr Jansen van Rensburg, for their handling of these cases. In all the cases we have had to-date (and that was since the start of last year), none were traced back to the school. If you suspect that any member of your family is infected or were in contact with someone with the virus, please isolate immediately, contact the school and do not send your son or daughter to school until you get the go-ahead from us.

At the Grade 8 Induction Ceremony, I spoke about some of the qualities and characteristics that make you a good person and a good “Monty”, and what we expect from them?

I mentioned the following qualities and I would like to share them with you:

A positive attitude; a warm and friendly personality; kindness; hard worker; goal-setter and go-getter; involvement in extra-curricular activities; honesty; accepting of others; having a servant heart; generosity; being polite; well-mannered and well groomed; self-respect and respect for others and the environment; being resilient and having the ability to “bounce back”; looking people in the eye and greeting them with a smile; and finally - to be the best possible version of themselves.

I first thought it was a long list and a tall order, but is this not what a good human being does anyway?

I want to end off by wishing our learners and staff, as well as those parents who are also off next week, a wonderful and restful time with their families and see you again on Monday, 3 May 2021.

Yours sincerely

Mr L.M. Erasmus




8 April 2021

Good morning Parent(s) / Guardian(s), Learners and Staff

Please find a letter regarding school academics attached for your attention.

Kind regards

Mr P. Botes



Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome back to the new school year. We hope this will be a smooth-running year.

With regards to the Physical Ed lessons that form part of the Life Orientation syllabus, we will be doing Physical education for all grades this year. This is a good decision for a couple of reasons; namely : exercise releases stress, exercise develops core muscles which is critical for learners who sit at desks and at computers for a big part of the day, and it creates a 'feel good' space for learners amongst other things.

We have had to change a few arrangements to fit in with the safety protocols.

All learners that are doing Physical Ed as indicated on their timetables must arrive at school in their PE kit. They will stay in their kit for the whole school day. This must be the correct shorts and t-shirts, not "civvies". I am aware of the problem with some kit not being available as yet, your child can just wear appropriate kit until this new kit is available.

This will alleviate the number of people in the bathrooms trying to change into kit. If your child is not doing PE they must please come to school in their uniform.

Safety protocols will be adhered to at all times. Please encourage your child to participate in these lessons.

Any queries can be addressed to me at

We look forward to starting this year.


Anne Friedenthal

Subject Head: Life Orientation



15 April 2021

Good morning Parent(s) / Guardian(s)

Please find a letter regarding a database of Fairmont High School parents attached for your attention.

Kind regards

Mr P. Cronje



Dear Parents/Guardians

We have made a good start to the morning screening with most learners arriving on time. I am aware of the traffic congestion and frustration you face in the morning as a result of only having one entry point for learner screening. I have met with the COVID Team to discuss an alternative arrangement for the morning screening.

As from Friday, 19 February, the back gate on Reservoir Road will be used as an additional point of entry for learners. The learners will report to the Student Centre where they will be screened and registered for the day. It is imperative that learners using this entrance go through the new screening venue.

Please note we have two exit lanes at the main drop-off point. Most parents use the left lane with little or no traffic using the right-hand lane which leads to gridlock. We would like to encourage parents to make use of both lanes.

We will monitor this change closely and make adjustments accordingly.

Kind regards,

Mr F. Jansen van Rensburg




Monday to Friday: 07:30 – 08:30. Both break times. An hour after school (Friday – ½ hour after school)


Please call Heidi Sparks at 021 976 1147. Click the link in the title to check our range of stock.


If your child is absent, an email must be sent to their register teacher when they return to school to explain their absence. A doctor's note (as you will see below) is necessary if your child misses an assessment.


Learners are not allowed to go home immediately after a test if they are ill. They have to stay until first break.

  • NO learner will be allowed to go home early on any day or after a test without a written letter from the parent requesting this. No emails will be accepted.

  • Permission to go home early will only be allowed in the case of an emergency.

  • If a learner is too ill to stay for the full day after a test, then they must not come to school to write.

  • In case of absenteeism a medical certificate or relevant chemist slip must be provided.


All learners are required to be at school at the regular time - 07h50 - even if they are not writing a test. This time will be used for academic consolidation or tasks organised by various subject departments.

All parents are asked to be aware that when a child misses a scheduled test, a certificate from the clinic, a doctor’s certificate or a relevant chemist slip is required. The date on the chemist slip and medication bought must pertain to the pupil’s absenteeism.

A medical certificate from either the clinic or the doctor is applicable for missing any exam.

No exceptions will be made for learners who miss formal assessments owing to holiday arrangements.

Grade 9 and Matric pupils must produce a doctor’s certificate for tests and exams missed as these are the two exit phases and the marks are externally moderated by the Education Department.


  1. If a learner feels too sick to continue the school day or have to leave for an appointment, he/she must adhere to the following “sign-out procedure”:

  2. The learner must bring a letter from the parent (or send an email) to school on the day of leaving early. They must report to the DCR (Discipline Control Room) to obtain permission to sign out.

  3. Please note that the front office will contact parents/guardians to fetch learners and that this arrangement should not be made by the learners. It is also important that parents allow for enough time for the process to be followed. Learners must therefore sign out at least 20 minutes before their collection time, and be ready for collection at the Front Office, at the time mentioned in the letter.

  4. After the necessary permission has been granted, learners will be signed out at reception by their guardian/parent who has arrived to fetch them.

  5. Please note that learners are not allowed to leave the school’s premises or class without following procedure or before the necessary documentation has been completed.


The InTouch Portal allows access to certain useful information regarding your child here at Fairmont.

You can see:

  • Your child’s personalised calendar, including when they have each subject each day, as well as sport practises and matches, rehearsals and so forth.

  • A record of all correspondence from the school. These will be limited to those emails and text messages sent from our school administration system, and will not include those sent directly by a teacher from their work email accounts.

  • Homework that individual teachers have loaded on the portal for their subject and that is relevant to your child. However, most teachers use Google Classroom for this.

  • Your child’s archived school reports for each term. You will be able to download and print these, but they will not have any signatures or school stamps on them.


You will be required to register in order to use this portal. Please note that the portal will not recognise any other email address other than the one we have recorded for you in our admin system.

The portal can be accessed on the following website (accessible on a computer or through any mobile device’s web browser):

When you visit the portal for the first time you will need to register using the email address which you supplied us with. During the registration process you will be sent a confirmation email which will include a link you can use to complete your registration. When you click on the link in the email you will be taken to the InTouch portal login page where you will need to enter your email address and a new password for accessing the website. If you require any help during the registration process, please try the following link: If you are still experiencing problems please contact Mr Freeman at for further assistance.

Due to COVIC-19 there will unfortunately not be a Second-Hand Textbook Sale at the School this year. However, there are a few other options available:

  • the “Parents of Current Fairmont Learners” FB Page

  • friends, neighbours or family members

  • Fairmont Library. Mrs Venter has some books available for re-sale, please contact her on



School will commence at 07h50 and end each day at 14h35

NB: There may be occasions when pupils will be required to stay up to ten minutes later without prior warning.