Fairmont is rated as one of the consistently performing academic institutions in our country. Academics is and will continue to be our primary focus at school as we endeavor to uphold our high standards and the resulting sound academic performances from year to year. We pay tribute to our teachers who have the qualifications and experience to reach and maintain the academic expectations that we set for ourselves.


Fairmont boasts a proud tradition of sporting achievements in a wide range of sporting codes. We are proud of our Olympian, National and Provincial sport achievers both present and past learners. These achievements are made possible by the opportunities our learners enjoy to complete an all-round education, in a meaningful way, in our well-resourced extra-mural facilities.


Fairmont High School caters for its multi- talented learners in a wide range of cultural opportunities available at the school. These activities vary from acting and playwriting to musicals and talent shows, drama and debating, to writing poetry and the participation in the twenty-one societies offered at the school.

Our Mission

We of Fairmont strive for excellence by seeking opportunities for all to realise their unique potential through self-discipline
in a trusting, enjoyable and caring atmosphere of mutual respect

Message from the Headmaster

Message from the Headmaster

I would like to use this opportunity to welcome the Fairmont family back to school and at the same time, wish you all a successful 2018.  I hope all your dreams come true this year.

As a passionate educationalist, I believe in the holistic development of young men and women.  Our core business at Fairmont is to provide opportunities for learners to fully develop their Academic potential.  We also put a lot of effort into helping learners develop their Sporting, Cultural and Leadership potential, as well as their spiritual side.  However, I believe that character building is by far the most important of all of these focus areas.  If you are someone of great character, your priorities will be in place.  You will know when to study and when to focus on the other things that add meaning to your life.  Finding out who you really are and what is important in your life and then reaching out to others will come naturally.  Passion and commitment in tackling tasks are non- negotiable.  Together with that comes involvement in your school.  Fully involved learners will eventually become fully involved adults who will be great parents and they will also be extremely valuable to any organisation and community.

Witnessing our sportsmen and sportswomen on the fields is indicative of the involvement I am talking about and that I will expect from my learners.  Discipline and then the development of self-discipline is of vital importance and I believe in old school values of respect and good appearance.

To end off, I want to again welcome you all back and I hope you will continue to support this great school.

Mr Leon Erasmus