Test This Week


The Monday and Thursday tests will commence from Thursday, 1 February 2018 for the whole school.  The Grade 12 Maths learners will however start with their first Maths test on Monday, 22 January 2018.

Please consult the Assessment Calendar for test dates and subject exams.


  • NO pupils will be allowed to go home early on any day or after a test without a written letter from the parent requesting this. No emails!
  • Permission for going home early will only be allowed for emergencies.
  • If a pupil is too sick to stay for the full day after a test, then they must not come to school to write, but must provide the school with a medical certificate.


All pupils are required to be at school at the regular time - 07h50 - even if they are not writing a test.  This time will be used for consolidation or tasks organized by various subject departments.

All parents are asked to please be aware that when your child misses a Monday or a Thursday test, a letter from the parent and the relevant chemist slip (the date on the slip must pertain to the pupil’s absenteeism and medication bought), a certificate from the clinic or a doctor’s certificate is required.  A medical certificate from either the clinic or the doctor is applicable for missing any exam. A note from you excusing your child from school for the days missed (not test days) is also required.

No allowances will be made for pupils missing formal assessments due to holiday arrangements.

Grade 9 and Matric pupils must produce a doctor’s certificate for tests and exams missed as these are the two exit phases and their marks are externally moderated by the Education Department.

Learners are not allowed to go home immediately after a test if they are ill.  They have to stay until first break. If they are ill, then they should not come to school.  A doctor’s certificate will be required.