The athletics team of Fairmont high school practice during the week, namely; Monday’s to Thursday’s from 6:30am until 7:40am.  The team has won a couple of meetings and has broken many records in the past couple of seasons.  The team strives for excellence and seeks opportunities to perform and do their best in all competitions especially the inter-schools athletics which is held annually at a neutral venue.

Additional Info

Teacher in Charge: Head of Athletics: Mr F Jansen van Rensburg

Teacher in Charge: Boys: Mrs K Jones / Girls: Mrs B de Wet

Sport Information Two

Mr D Roux
Mr P Cronje
Mrs K Jones
Mrs B de Wet
Mr D Clark
Mrs A Chemaly
Mrs A Wessels
Ms T Moore
Ms K Mealor
Ms M Albertyn
Mr N Veldman
Mr M Breytenbach
Mrs J de Wet