Summer Sports


Teacher in Charge:J Phillips
The athletics team of Fairmont high school practice during the week, namely; Monday’s to Thursday’s from 6:30am until 7:40am. The team has won a couple of meetings and has broken many records in the past couple of seasons. The team strives for excellence and seeks opportunities to perform and do their best in all competitions especially the inter-schools athletics which is held annually at a neutral venue.


Teacher in Charge:A van Bouillon (Boys)
Teacher in Charge:S van Wyk (Girls)
Fairmont high school entered three boys’ and three girls’ teams into the Western Province schools intermediate basketball division. Basketball is played during the summer season, namely 1st and 4th terms respectively.

Cricket (Boys)

Teacher in Charge:B Elgie
Fairmont high school has two teams for each age group and all six teams compete in the Western Province schools cricket league.

Indoor Hockey

Teacher in Charge:D Clark
Fairmont High School currently has 8 Indoor Teams entered into the Western Cape League. Matches are every Wednesday from 16h00 while practices take place in the Student Centre on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Indoor Hockey is an excellent way for the girls to keep sharp during the off season as the regular winter Outdoor Season is in Terms 2 and 3. Match days are hotly contested and the atmosphere inside the Fairmont Student Centre at home matches is quite special. Please note that Indoor Hockey is only played in the First Term

Softball (Girls)

Teacher in Charge:J Dempers
Fairmont high school has three softball teams and the practices are usually Mondays’ and Wednesdays’ and all matches are arranged to be played during the week.


Teacher in Charge:A Friedenthal
Our swimmers at Fairmont high school have optional morning trainings on Mondays & Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30am as well as afternoon practices from 14:45-16:00, while the Galas are usually on a Thursday.

Water polo

Teacher in Charge:A Eley
Teacher in Charge:S Shield
An Aquatic centre is planned to be built at Fairmont high school. This will enable the school to offer water polo.

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