Sports All Year Round

Drum Majorettes (established in 1977)

Teacher in Charge:Mrs M La Cock

Equestrian Club

Teacher in Charge:Ms L Hofmeyr
Fairmont’s Equestrian Club is split into two groups. The first group is the Equestrian Team of which all the students are competitive riders and compete at SANESA or Graded shows. Students must own or lease a horse to be part of the Team. The second group is the Pony Club, which are run more like a society. Along with Helderberg Pony Club the students learn more about horses, participate in fun riding activities, occasionally do shows and outings, and make new horsey friends. Pony Club is an international Club that riders around the world participate in to learn more about horses and riding. Students do not have to own or lease a horse to take part in Pony Club. Both the groups can be part of Pony Club and can go on the outings. The students in the club are also encouraged to go to the SANESA shows and to help and support the riders in the Equestrian Team.


Teacher in Charge:Ms L Kotze
Coaching at Fairmont high school is done by Toro Tennis Academy and we are hoping to increase the number of teams for the sport in the future with the help of the academy. We have three Boys’ Teams and one Girls' Team of 4 players per team. For more information visit

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Our story begins in 1973, when the Provincial Admininstration of the Cape Province decided on the establishment of the school, read more...

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We of Fairmont strive for excellence by seeking opportunities for all to realise their unique potential through self-discipline in a trusting, enjoyable and caring atmosphere of mutual respect

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