Sport offered at Fairmont

Sport offered at Fairmont

(Strive for Excellence-Live for Memories)

We welcome you to the sport section of Fairmont High School website and our wish is that you will enjoy your visit and find the necessary information you are looking for or simply enjoy our achievements and sport photo galleries. 

Over the last few years Fairmont has gone through many changes, making the school a safe and happy environment for our pupils where they are encouraged to strive for excellence and live for memories.

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Participation in more than one sport per term is by negotiation with the Head of Sport.

Why do we do SPORT at school?

It teaches our young adults how to structure their lives in a disciplined way. Sport develops a healthy body and gets our pupils to learn sportsmanship, camaraderie and teamwork. All this contributes to developing balanced future adults.

We at Fairmont want to thank our sportsmen and women, parents, coaches, loyal supporters and the Fairmont community for the commitment they show and for being true ambassadors for Fairmont Sport.

- Pieter Cronje (Head of Sport)





It is a privilege and honour to be associated with Fairmont High School Sport and, as a representative of your school, you are reminded that, at all times, your behavior should be such that you do not bring the name of your school, management, parents or self into disrepute.  We appeal to you “The Player” to make this year a memorable one and that you will have a high regard for discipline and the Code of Conduct.

  1. Players who commit themselves to sport are expected to honour that commitment for the full season.
  2. Management expects players to be punctual when arriving for practices, fixtures and meetings, including those held during examination and test weeks.
  3. Those who commit themselves to play for a team may not “Absent” themselves from practices or matches without permission.
  4. We expect the players’ manners to be impeccable throughout the year, on and off the field.
  5. Management appeals to the players that “no one lets them down” with unacceptable behaviour and that they will adhere to the general rules of the School Code of Conduct where applicable (eg. No smoking, alcohol, drugs, bullying, foul language, etc.).
  6. Management expects the players to be neat and well turned out throughout the year.
  7. All players must show restraint in heated situations on the field.
  8. No swearing or foul language will be tolerated on the field.
  9. Support from the touchline is to be positive. Unsavoury remarks towards fellow players, opposition and officials are unacceptable.
  10. Respect for the Referee’s decisions must be shown even if the decision is controversial.
  11. A true sportsman will not look for excuses if he has lost a match.  You do not blame the wind or the referee or an injury to a key player for losing the match.
  12. Accept that your defeat was the result of the fact that your opponents are more skilled and rather attempt to improve your game and eliminate your mistakes.
  13. Players will remain humble in victory and big enough in defeat to congratulate their opponents.
  14. When a player is absent from school or leaves school early on a practice day he/she will not be allowed to attend the practice in the afternoon unless absenteeism was caused by a valid reason which should then be verified (Doctor’s certificate).
  15. A player who does not attend a practice will not be considered to be in the starting line-up for the game. (Special conditions apply; funeral/doctor’s certificate etc.)
  16. When a player is absent from school on a Friday he/she will not be considered to be in the starting line-up for the game. (Special conditions apply; funeral/doctor’s certificate etc.)
  17. In the event of serious misconduct, disciplinary action will be taken against a player, with the     punishment of a game, season suspension and withholding the issuing of Team, Merit,   Colour and          Honours scroll for his/her sport code.
  18. A reminder to you, the player, to be grateful to God for a healthy body and spirit, and that you will          strive to live up to that gratitude in your play.


All awards are subject to learners showing correct behaviour, sportsmanship and general bearing at all times. Because the school’s name and reputation need to be protected, it is imperative that the bearer of Fairmont Award portraits/carries the positive traits mentioned above. This prerequisite encompasses behavior on and off the field, which includes general bearing and the attitude towards Fairmont as a whole.

The school reserves the right to withhold or withdraw any award should the general behavior of a learner be so poor that management of the school deems it contrary to the school’s ethics to “reward” such behavior with a sport award.

Team Award:

Awarded to a learner in Grade 8 or above who has participated in two thirds of the matches played by the FIRST TEAM in a particular season or year, with the exception of Athletics, Chess, Drum-Majorettes, Golf and Swimming. The learner must be a regular member of the FIRST TEAM at the end of the season to qualify for an award, i.e. he / she will not qualify if he / she did not complete the season due to lack of form or commitment.

Merit Award:

Awarded to a learner in Grade 8 or above who has shown and maintained an above average ability or standard in a particular sport for the FIRST TEAM and made a difference to the team and could be chosen for most FIRST TEAMS we participate against.

Colours Award:

Awarded to a learner in Grade 9 or above who played FIRST TEAM and has qualified for a team as well as a merit award and in addition fulfills the first criterion as well as at least one or more of the other criteria:

1. Has shown and maintained a high standard of play in a sport and been a significant  

    member of the FIRST TEAM.

2. Has been selected as provincial player and played for a provincial team.

3. Whose leadership as a captain has had a major impact on the team.

It has been recommended that a player who achieves provincial selection and has played in a provincial or national tournament should be considered for Colours.

Honours Award:

 Awarded to a learner in Grade 9 or above who played FIRST TEAM and fulfills three or more of the following criteria:

1. Has shown exceptional ability in a sport and has constantly maintained a high standard of play in the FIRST TEAM.

2. Has made an outstanding contribution to the FIRST TEAM’S achievement.

3. Has been chosen for a national team and has played for a national team.

4. Has achieved National Standards.

It has been recommended that a player who achieves national selection and played in the team, be considered for Honours.

Note: Athletics, Golf, Chess, Swimming and Drum-Majorettes, must use the above and their own special criteria (also grade 9 for Colours and Honours) to determine their awards. 


It is important that there should be good communication between players and management and therefore, when any problems small or big arise, to take the liberty of speaking to the Coach, Manager of the team, Head of Sport Code or feel free to contact Mr Cronje so that the problem can be resolved.