Representative Council for Learners


In accordance with the South African Schools Act, a Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a legislative body that must be established at every public school who enrolls learners from Grades 8 and higher.

The RCL is a democratically elected learner leadership body that becomes the voice of, and represents all students in the school environment.

The RCL Pledge

I pledge myself to uphold the purposes of the Council to which I have been elected. I will uphold the school’s core values, maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, participation, discipline and service.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To provide you, the learner, with an opportunity to participate in school governance and appropriate decision making.

  • To enable you, the learner, to contribute towards the improvement of the culture of learning and teaching in the school environment.

  • To uphold the core values of Fairmont High School - Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Service (RISE).

The specific responsibilities of the members of the body are outlined below:

Structure of the RCL

The RCL is made up of 20 learners; 4 from each grade.

A learner exective runs the RCL along with two Teacher Liason Officers.