School Rules

As with any organisation, it is necessary to have a set of rules and regulations in order that all are able to co-operate and interact beneficially. School rules are intended to establish a disciplined, purposeful and safe environment to facilitate effective teaching and learning at Fairmont.

A formal set of rules and regulations is usually unnecessary for the majority of our learners who conduct themselves sensibly and in a manner that is mutually advantageous.  However, there are learners who need the guidance of rules and regulations and instructions.

A number of unwritten procedures apply from time to time.  These are always announced and explained at the School and form part hereof.  All rules are subject to annual revision.

We are satisfied that all our rules, regulations and instructions are educationally based and as such we expect all learners to co-operate with ALL of them. Nothing shall exempt a learner from complying with the school rules.

Any learner organising, planning, or being involved in a contravention of Regulations and Rules, will face the appropriate consequences.

12.1    Participation in the School Programme

12.1.1     A learner shall participate in the educational programmes as prescribed by the Education Department, unless exemption has been granted by the Department.

12.1.2     When a learner has joined a co-curricular school activity, he/she shall fulfil his/her obligations and carry out his responsibilities in that connection, unless he/she is granted exemption by the principal/teacher for the duration of the season.  As a Fairmont learner participating in a sport offered by Fairmont, your first loyalty is towards your school.

12.1.3     Learners may not enter school premises before or after school hours, or use any of the School’s facilities and equipment, including those for sport, before or after school hours without permission.

12.1.4     It is encouraged that all learners, particularly grades 8 and 9 learners, be involved in a summer and winter activity – either sport, cultural and/or society.

12.1.5     Appropriate action will be taken in the case of conduct that discredits the School in any way in the eyes of the community and the greater community. Learners may not say or do anything that will discredit themselves or the school.

12.1.6     Hitchhiking while in school uniform is not allowed.

12.2    Appearance

Learners’ general appearance directly influences the way in which a school is perceived in terms of the norms and standards advocated and upheld by that institution.  It creates an undeniable sense of entity within the School context and contributes positively towards issues such as discipline, orderliness and goal-orientated academic and sport achievement.

All learners are expected to wear the uniform with pride. Uniform should be kept neat and tidy, clean and in good condition at all times.

12.2.1   Boys’ Hair

  • Hair must at all times be neat. This means that it should not bunch at the back of the head or above the ears, but must be shaped and evenly graded.
  • Hair must be clear of the collar and may not terminate in a point.
  • Length:
  • Hair from any part of the head may not cover any part of the ear.
  • Hair must be above the eyebrows, even when combed forward.
  • Inappropriately short styles are not acceptable.
  • Hair must be evenly graded.
  • Sideburns may reach no longer than halfway down the ear. Fashionable or exotic hairstyles or any hairstyles likely to cause comment/distraction are unacceptable within the School context.
  • No excessive colouring of hair that looks unnatural will be allowed.


12.2.2   Girls’ Hair

  • Hair must be clear of the collar.
  • Hair that is collar-length or longer must be tied up and may not hang loose or down the sides of the face and head.
  • Hair that hangs down to cover the eyes and down the side of the face and head, must be tied up or clipped back with hairclips or Alice band.
  • The following different kinds of hair bands are allowed:
  • Plastic white or brown Alice bands
  • Elastic bands (thin elastic or towelling) - white or brown
  • Clips/combs - white or brown
  • Brown or white ribbons one centimetre in width
  • Fashionable hairstyles or any hairstyles likely to cause comment/distraction are unacceptable within the School context.
  • Natural singles/braids (with or without extensions) are allowed, provided that they are a maximum of 10mm in diameter. Singles/braids must be the same length and must be the natural colour of the girl’s hair and held neatly at the back of the head (fancy or unusual styles are unacceptable).
  • No excessive colouring of hair that looks unnatural will be allowed.

12.2.3   Adornments

  • Jewellery, with the exception of standard watches, will not be allowed.
  • Medic-alert discs may be worn.
  • When girls have pierced ears, plain 15mm gold or silver sleepers or round gold or silver studs, may be worn. Not more than one stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear lobe.  Studs/sleepers must be worn in the lower part of the earlobe   Boys may not wear earrings or have any visible piercings.
  • No nose rings/studs, tongue bolts, eyebrow studs/rings, retainers or other visible piercings are allowed.
  • No visible tattoos are permitted.

12.2.4   Girls may not:

  • wear plain nylon stockings in summer
  • use make-up (this includes base)
  • use coloured nail polish, or grow their nails longer than their fingertips

No exceptions will be made for any learners involved in modelling.

12.3    Bounds and Behaviour

12.3.1     Learners are restricted to certain areas.

12.3.2     No unsupervised ball games are allowed during breaks and before school.

12.3.3     Bullying in any form (verbal, physical, group, cyber, other) is forbidden.

12.3.4     Learners may not remain in the passages during breaks or before school, unless they have special permission.  If it rains, they are permitted on the ground and second floors only.

12.3.5     Only the downstairs bathrooms may be used after school.

12.3.6     Where a learner damages school property (e.g. breaking a window), he/she will be expected to pay for the repairs and must report such damage to Reception or to one of the Deputy Principals.

12.3.7     Fighting is prohibited and will be punished.


12.3.8     The front foyer is out of bounds during school hours.

12.3.9     The Hall is out of bounds, unless the pupil(s) is/are accompanied by a teacher.

12.3.10    No learners may come to the staffroom during second break.

12.3.11    The stage is out of bounds, unless a teacher instructs the learner to go onto it and is present him/herself.

12.3.12    The Sound and Lighting Room and the catwalks are out of bounds.

12.3.13    Curtains and the projection screen are not to be touched or adjusted by learners, unless authorized to do so by the teacher in charge.

12.3.14    The Students’ Centre and both levels of the Multipurpose Centre are out of bounds, unless the learner(s) is/are supervised by a teacher

12.3.15    Grade 12’s area is as follows:

  • Hillcrest facing field section of the upstairs balcony of the MPC
  • Area facing West of the stairs outside Café Monty
  • Rugby terraces

12.4    Inbound Areas

The following areas are inbound before school, during breaks and after school:

12.4.1     Memorial Quad and the veranda outside the hall are for Gr 8’s only.

12.4.2     ‘Tuck shop’ [Old Tuck shop] quad.

12.4.3     Hall veranda facing the fields.

12.4.4     Hillcrest field beyond the paved area is for ball games only.  This area extends from the hall foyer to the end of the main school building in line with the school workshop.

12.4.5     The paved area around the lower Multi-Purpose Centre (upper and lower level) and the embankment terraced seating area overlooking the Fairview field, are for Grade 12’ only.  Grade 12’s may not use the stairwell facing the swimming pool to access or exit the designated area of the upstairs’ balcony.

12.4.6     Learners may be in the ground floor passages before school and during the breaks, however it is preferred that learners be outdoors when the weather permits.

12.4.7     School library.

12.4.8     Ground and second level corridors when it is raining.

12.4.9     The car park and access road behind the art and engineering graphic rooms, opposite the Student Centre, as well as the area around the swimming pool is out of bounds.  Learners may only use this area before and after school, after breaks and after school as a pedestrian area to access classrooms and make their way home.

12.4.10    Administrative office windows and staffroom outer area for specific reasons.

12.4.11    Café Monty is out of bounds during school lesson time.

12.5    Cycles, Motorbikes and Cars

12.5.1     Cycles, mopeds, motorbikes and motor vehicles must be ridden slowly (20 km/h) inside the school property.

12.5.2     Cycle-racks will be in designated areas.  Motorbikes and motor vehicles may be parked in the designated area provided permission has been granted by the school.  Learners may not park in designated staff parking areas.

12.5.3     Learners need to provide the school with a certified copy of their driver’s license and a parking disc will be issued.

12.6    Classrooms

Learners may not remain in classrooms before or after school or during breaks without the permission of a teacher.  Learners who are found writing on or scratching on doors, tables or chairs will be punished. All apparatus and furniture must be treated with respect.


12.7    Library

12.7.1     Book bags and cases must be placed in the designated areas.

12.7.2     No eating or drinking will be allowed.

12.7.3     Reasonable silence is expected.

12.7.4     A card-operated copier is provided.  Cards may be purchased from the Librarian.

12.8    Sport

12.8.1     Sports Practices and Matches

Those who commit themselves to play for a team may not absent themselves from practice or matches without permission.  The correct uniform must be worn at all times.

12.8.2     Learners who commit themselves to a sport are expected to honour that commitment for the full season.  This involves attending all practices, fixtures and meetings including those held during the examination and test weeks.

12.8.3.    Learners are expected to be punctual and correctly attired for all games and matches.

12.9    Telephones

12.9.1     The public telephones may be used only during the breaks, before, or after school.

12.9.2     No telephone messages will be taken for pupils.

12.10  Litter

12.10.1    Learners are encouraged to keep the buildings and grounds free from litter.  Litter must be placed in the receptacles provided.

12.10.2.   Where recycling receptacles are provided, learners are expected to use these facilities.

12.10.3.   Quads, passages, verandas and fields must be free of litter at all times.

12.11  Displays of Affection

Public display of behaviour such as kissing, embracing, holding hands or other indiscreet behaviour violates the norms of good taste and, as such, is unacceptable.  Consequences will follow for such inappropriate public displays.

12.12  Initiation

No form of initiation is allowed.

12.13  School-Sponsored Activities

The School Rules apply to all school-sponsored activities such as school bus transportation, tours, trips, dances, meetings etc.

12.14  Off-Campus Behaviour

No learner shall in any manner bring the name of the School into disrepute.

12.14.1    Behaviour on buses and in public places must be such that no inconvenience is caused to others.  The School has the right to take action whenever a learner is wearing the School uniform or part of it and his/her behaviour is such that it will bring the School’s name into disrepute.

12.14.2    This will also apply when learners are not in uniform, but are in school parties or groups where they may be readily identified as pupils of the School.

12.14.3    The School reserves the right to take action against learners who attend private parties or gatherings and by their behaviour bring the School’s name into disrepute.

12.14.4    Appropriate action will be taken in the case of conduct that discredits the School in the eyes of the community and greater community.

12.15  Health and Safety: General Duties of Learners

Every pupil shall:

12.15.1    Take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of other persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions;

12.15.2    Not obstruct any staff member in the carrying out of their duties;

12.15.3    Carry out any lawful order given to him, and obey the health and safety rules and procedures laid down by the Principal or by anyone authorized thereto by the Principal, in the interest of health or safety;

12.15.4    If any situation which is unsafe or unhealthy comes to his attention, as soon as possible report such situation to the Principal or to a member of staff, as the case may be, who shall report it within twenty-four hours;

12.15.5    If he is involved in any incident which may affect his health or which has caused an injury to himself, report such incident to the Principal or to a member of staff as soon as possible, but not later than the end of the particular school day during which the incident occurred, unless the circumstances were such that the reporting of the incident was not possible, in which case he shall report the incident within twenty-four hours;

12.15.6    Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything that is provided in the interest of health or safety e.g. fire extinguishers.

12.15.7    All learners need to be aware of all uneven surfaces, drain coverings and wet floors;

12.15.8    If learners encounter a stranger on the school grounds during the school hours, they must notify reception/ staff member immediately.

(Note:       All masculine pronouns are applicable to girls as well.  No gender discrimination is intended.)

12.16  Announcements

Pupils are expected to listen attentatively to all announcements and respond appropriately.

12.17  Fireworks

Being in possession of or discharging fireworks on the school premises is prohibited.

12.18  Circular

The Fairmont Focus is issued every Thursday to every pupil during the school terms.  These circulars are sent home electronically and appear on our website every Friday.  Hard copies are given to learners who do not have access to the internet.  All information contained therein or notices of amendment to any Rule, Regulation or Policy shall apply to all members.

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