ChairpersonKaityn Bedford
Teacher in Charge:Ms Visage
Wildlife study and photography
Wild dog (Marine) qualification in 2016. Wild dog (Nature) qualification in 2017
Meeting Time:Tuesday 14:35 - 15:30/ 14:25 – 17:30 (every second week)
Venue:L15/Two Oceans Aquarium



Learners interested in joining the Fairmont Wildlife Society are invited to make contact with Mrs Visagé (Lab 15) in order to secure a place in this group for 2016.  The Wildlife Society will be doing the FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) Wild Dog qualification in Marine Biology in 2016 and the Nature qualification in 2017.

In order to successfully complete the marine program, learners need to work through 17 modules throughout this year.  The marine program includes:

      Geology                                                          Marine reptiles

      Weather and Climate                                     Marine fish

      Astronomy                                                      Marine birds

      Marine Ecology                                              Marine mammals

      Basic Taxonomy                                            Animal behaviour

      Sea plants                                                       Historical human habitation

      Marine invertebrates                                      Conservation management


Learners will also know how to conduct a guided nature experience in a limited geographical area. This will include a guide experience with customers.

A visit to the Two Oceans aquarium will take place every second Tuesday afternoon, where their specialised educational team will be conducting specific lessons. We will leave Fairmont at 14:25 and return at 17:30. Formal transport has been organised and Mrs Visagé will accompany the group on every visit.

Learners can experience all of this for a total annual Aquarium membership fee of R252. Be sure to speak to Mrs Visagé ASAP since numbers are restricted. 

Aquarium program:

9th February Biodiversity
23rd February Data collection
15th March Kelp forest ecology
5th April Rocky shore ecology
19th April Invertebrates
17th May Fish lesson
19th July Shark lesson
2nd August Marine sustainability   issues
16th August Eco tourism in our two   oceans

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