Photography Club

Photography Club


Teacher in Charge:Ms Hofmeyr
The photography club of Fairmont High School is a society that not only involves creative thinking and artistic representations, but also a whole lot of fun and new experiences and activities to explore using only simple things: light, colours, speed and a camera, of course.
Being a part of the photography club does not mean you have to be a camera fanatic or you have to be able to recite every definition regarding photography back to front and off by heart, being part of the club is about expressing your passion or coming in completely new to every aspect of camera work and discovering your passion. As a member of the club you get to partake in group outings and activities such as our recent trip to Blouberg beach to take shots of the sunset and learn more about filters and tripods with the guidance from professional photographer, Kym Clayton. Other exciting activities that we do, involve weird and wonderful food photography, drawing with light (in simple dark spaces), nature shots, and accidental apple bobbing contest photos… Rest assured, joining the photography club will not only broaden your knowledge, you’ll have a photo-album’s worth of fun doing so. Written by: Jessica Hillier Gr.9
Meeting Time:Tuesday 14:35 - 15:30

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