Annual Production

Annual Production


This satire pokes fun with various stereotypes whilst the detective desperately tries to solve the crime. As an outsider, his task is almost impossible and he finds it difficult to infiltrate this closely knit community to get to the facts and find what has truly happened.

This musical satire is set in the 1920s, but with vibrant, “viby” modern music is surely going to entertain. Filled with a variety of songs and dance styles. this show is sure to entertain you!

The following learners were involved in this years production:

Susan Hampshire Miss B. Claassen
Peter Knoxville Liam Cockcroft
John Brandon Ryan Hodgson
Judy Young Josie Burness
Mr Chauvinist Jonathan Nel
Miss Feminist Micah Ilett
The Temptress Lisakhanya Matya
The Starlet Sunny Yoon
Miss Nouveaux Riche Jordan Day

Sandisiwe Rululu

Savannah Nicolay

Detective Clueless J.P. van Zyl


The Sound & Lighting Society members were responsible for the sound and the lighting design. Special mention should be made of Paolo van der Merwe and Matthew Kirby. Other members who worked were:

Joshua Griffin                        

Justin Waddy

Brandon Solomon                

Malcolm Barendse

Matthew Jennings                

Jared Langeveldt



Tiffany Honeywill

Danielle Kotzee

Amy Heine

Tyla Maggs

Rebecca Maggott

Teegan Alberts

Charné le Grange

Caitlin Sithole

Dayna Green-Thompson

Rabia Soobader

Rebecca Dreyer

Ashleigh Isaacs


Additional Info

Teacher in Charge: Mr Basson

Short Description: The housekeepers and butlers of an upper-class neighbourhood of East Village are shaken to the core when they, together with their employers, become the suspects of a heinous murder. They are all impressed and uncomfortable to be forced into the limelight. They conduct their own investigation – mainly by satirically commenting and analysing the nature of their employers’ characters and lifestyles.