Mr and Miss FHS

Mr and Miss FHS

Mr & Miss FHS 2016 has been one of the highlights of the year so far. The show was a great success due to all our helpers and volunteers. Thank you to all the dancers, backstage crew, sound & media team, our MC’s, all our sponsors, teachers, choreographers and photographers for making this the most memorable evening. We are so proud of our candidates and watched them showcase nine months of hard work and dedication. The most difficult part of the show was choosing our five title winners. The judges did an excellent job and in the end the following five candidates were crowned:

Most Photogenic: Rebecca Maggott

Mr Personality: Basjan Swanepoel

Ms Personality: Kayla Cloete

Mr FHS: Tarquinn Williams

Ms FHS: Sunny Yoon

We are proud of every single one of our candidates and would have enjoyed awarding each of them a title.

Congratulations to all!

Additional Info

Teacher in Charge: Ms Soga and Ms Bosch

Teacher in Charge: Mr Zeilinga

Short Description: Every year Mr & Miss FHS is one of the most exciting, popular and elegant evenings at Fairmont High. An opportunity is giving each year for twelve Gr.12 learners, who have gone through a selection process, to participate in this once in a lifetime event. Besides all the glitz and glam, the learners are expected to do community service and fundraising as part of building their personal portfolio.