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Annual Production

Teacher in Charge:Mr Basson
The housekeepers and butlers of an upper-class neighbourhood of East Village are shaken to the core when they, together with their employers, become the suspects of a heinous murder. They are all impressed and uncomfortable to be forced into the limelight. They conduct their own investigation – mainly by satirically commenting and analysing the nature of their employers’ characters and lifestyles.

Art Club

Teacher in Charge:Mrs Marais
Meeting Time:Tuesdays: 2:35 - 3:30
Venue:Prefab 3


Teacher in Charge:Ms Vermeulen
Pupils from our school yearly participates in various Eisteddfod: Tygerberg Internation Eisteddfod, Kaapse Eisteddfod, Stellenbosch Eisteddfod.

Mr and Miss FHS

Teacher in Charge:Ms Soga and Ms Bosch
Teacher in Charge:Mr Zeilinga
Every year Mr & Miss FHS is one of the most exciting, popular and elegant evenings at Fairmont High. An opportunity is giving each year for twelve Gr.12 learners, who have gone through a selection process, to participate in this once in a lifetime event. Besides all the glitz and glam, the learners are expected to do community service and fundraising as part of building their personal portfolio.

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Our story begins in 1973, when the Provincial Admininstration of the Cape Province decided on the establishment of the school, read more...

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We of Fairmont strive for excellence by seeking opportunities for all to realise their unique potential through self-discipline in a trusting, enjoyable and caring atmosphere of mutual respect

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