We at Fairmont strive to offer every student the opportunity to expand their potential in a field other than that of the scholastic perspective.

Our activities are innovative and, not only will they have an impact on the learner’s self awareness and self esteem, but they will also bear fruit outside of the school portals.

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Shows & Events

Animation Ms Bosch Luke Viviers Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 83
Art Club Mrs Marais To be announced Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Prefab 3
Broties Mr Basson Philip Labuschagne Tue 3:00 - 5:00 Studio 5
Mr de Wet
Chess Mrs Behrendt To be announced Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 97
Dancing Mrs la Cock Amy Heine Wed 2:35 - 3:30 Hall Foyer
E-Gaming Mrs Venter To be announced Tue 2:35 - 4:00 I.T. (B)
Fashion   Ms Louw Jessica Rossouw Tue 2:35 - 3:30  
Fairmont Environmental Society (FEA) Ms Matthee Kelly Zheng Tue 2nd Break  
Wed Excursions  
Film And Theatre Ms Kotze Daniel Middleton Tue 2:35 - 3:30  
First Aid Mr Clark WHEN REQUIRED    
Functions And Events Mrs Uys Caileen Francis Meetings for catering events as needed
Girls’ Choir Mrs de Coning Shayla dos Santos Tue 3:30 - 6:30 Hall & Gallery
Mrs Vermeulen Jade van der Merwe
Grapevine Mrs Neethling Luke Albert Tue 2:35 - 3:30  
Mrs Rabie
Hospitality Mrs Campbell Monique von Molendorf Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 9
Interact Ms Matthee Caileen Francis Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Snr Group (Prefab 4)
Mrs Jones Nina Dunleavy Jnr Group (Room 70)
Invesment  Solutions Mr Veldman Bradley Laughton Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 89
Ms Keenan
Leadership Mrs Simmonds Micah Ilett Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 201
Mrs Solomon Megan Kuhn
Literary Mr Basson Sarah Monica Steinman Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Prefab 9
Sca (Former M5) Mrs Sparrow Zara Scott Wed 2nd Break Room 95
Marimba Band Mrs Vermeulen Luke Albert Fri 2:35 - 3:30 Studio 5 / Hall
Mark Cloete
Orchestra Mrs Vermeulen Gareth Howes Mon 2:35 - 4:00 Hall
Carol Howell
Photography Club Ms Hofmeyr Lize van Rhyn Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 201
Photography Service Mrs Visser Lottie Winsor Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 80
Pony Club Ms Hofmeyr Gemma Crous Info available from Hy
Public Speaking Ms Piek Celine Gravenor Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Room 84
Mrs Fouche
Science Club Mrs Taylor Mustafaa Sattar Tue 2:35 - 3:30  
Sound And Lighting Mr Basson Paulo van der Merwe Tue 2:35 - 3:30 Soundroom
Ms Moolman Craig Poate
Wildlife Mrs Bezuidenhout Micaela Reid Tue 2:35 - 3:30  

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We of Fairmont strive for excellence by seeking opportunities for all to realise their unique potential through self-discipline in a trusting, enjoyable and caring atmosphere of mutual respect

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