PLEASE NOTE: All of our email addresses are @fairmont.co.za

We have written the emails in the format used below to avoid issues with spam.

Ms M Albertyn

Email: malbertyn@


Subjects: English / Life Orientation

Mrs S April

Email: sapril@

Class: 9Ar

Subjects: Life Sciences / Natural Sciences / Maths Literacy

Ms C Baard

Email: cbaard@

Class: 11Br

Subjects: Afrikaans / Technology

Mr H Badenhorst

Email: hbadenhorst@

Class: 9Bd

Subjects: EGD

Ms M Barnardt

Subject Head: CAT

Email: mbarnardt@

Class: 12Ba

Subjects: CAT

Mr F Basson

HOD Junior Discipline

Email: fbasson@

Subjects: English

Ms B Besener

Assistant Grade Head: Gr 9

Email: bbesener@

Subjects: Mathematics

Mrs S Bezuidenhout

Email: sbezuidenhout@

Class: 9Bz

Subjects: Life Sciences / Natural Sciences

Mrs L Bosman

Email: lbosman@

Class: 10Lb

Subjects: Afrikaans

Mr P Botes

HOD Junior Academics / SBST

Email: pbotes@

Subjects: Mathematics

Mr E Burger

Email: eburger@

Subjects: History

Mrs H Campbell

Subject Head: Consumer Studies

Email: hcampbell@

Class: 8Ca

Subjects: Consumer Studies

Mr C Charters

Email: ccharters@

Class: 9Ct

Subjects: Geography / Social Sciences / History

Mrs M-A Chemaly

Email: achemaly@

Class: 9Ch

Subjects: Afrikaans / Social Sciences: Geography

Mr D Clark

Email: dclark@

Class: 9Ck

Subjects: Mathematics / Natural Sciences / Physical Sciences

Mr P Cronje

H.O.D. / Grade Head: Gr 8 / Subject Head: Engineering Graphics and Design

Email: pcronje@

Subjects: Engineering Graphics & Design

Ms R Crumplin

H.O.D. Social Media and School Website / Grade Head: Gr 9

Email: rcrumplin@

Subjects: English

Ms N Dannhauser

Email: ndannhauser@

Class: 12Dh

Subjects: Mathematics

Mrs K de Jongh

Email: kdejongh@

Class: 10Dn

Subjects: Life Sciences / Natural Sciences

Mrs B de Wet

Email: bdewet@

Class: 11Dw

Subjects: Life Orientation / Life Sciences / Natural Sciences

Mrs J de Wet

Subject Head: Mathematics

Email: jdewet@

Class: 12Wt

Subjects: Mathematics

Mr B Dill

Deputy Head: School Administrator / Subject Head: Information Technology

Email: bjdill@

Subjects: Information Technology

Mrs S du Plessis

Email: sduplessis@

Class: 11Dp

Subjects: Creative Arts / Design

Ms G du Toit

Email: gdutoit@

Class: 11Dt

Subjects: English / Life Orienation

Mrs E Erasmus

Email: eerasmus@

Class: 10Em

Subjects: Afrikaans

Mr L Erasmus


Email: secretary@

Mrs M Esmeraldo

Deputy Head: Head of Academics (Seniors)

Email: morna@

Subjects: Mathematics

Mr H Freeman

I.T. Manager

Email: freeman@

Subjects: Information Technology

Mrs A Friedenthal

Assistant Grade Head: Gr 11 / Subject Head: Life Orientation / Career Guidance

Email: afriedenthal@

Subjects: Life Orientation

Mrs A Goslett

Email: agoslett@

Class: 9Gs

Subjects: English

Mrs J Grondein

Subject Head: Mathematical Literacy

Email: jgrondein@

Class: 9Gr

Subjects: Mathematical Literacy

Ms J Hancock

Subject Head: Junior Mathematics

Email: jhancock@

Class: 8Ha

Subjects: Mathematics

Ms L Hendricks

Email: lhendricks@

Class: 9Hn

Subjects: CAT / EMS / Life Orientation / Geography

Ms L Hofmeyr

Subject Head: Design

Email: lhofmeyr@

Class: 9Hy

Subjects: Creative Arts / Design / Visual Arts

Ms D Hopley

Email: dhopley@

Class: 10Hp

Subjects: Afrikaans / Life Orientation

Mr F Jansen van Rensburg

Deputy Head: Discipline

Email: fvrensburg@

Subjects: Engineering Graphics Design

Mrs K Jones

Subject Head: Technology

Email: kimjones@

Class: 10Js

Subjects: Life Orientation / Technology

Ms L Keenan

Email: lkeenan@

Class: 12Kn

Subjects: Computer Applications Technology / Life Orientation

Mrs J Kingwill

Email: kingwill@

Subjects: Accounting / Business Studies / EMS / Maths

Ms M Knoetze

Email: mknoetze@

Class: 12Ke

Subjects: Afrikaans

Mr G Kriel

Email: gkriel@

Class: 11Kr

Subjects: Natural Sciences / Physical Sciences

Mrs M la Cock

Email: mlacock@

Subjects: English

Mrs S Lamprecht

Subject Head: Accounting

Email: sandra@

Class: 11Lp

Subjects: Accounting / EMS

Mr P Louw

Email: plouw@

Class: 8Lu

Subjects: Physical Sciences / Technology / Life Orientation

Ms S Manxiwa

Email: smanxiwa

Class: 9Wz

Subjects: Technology / EGD / Life Orientation

Mrs C Marais

Subject Head: Visual Arts

Email: cmarais@

Class: 10MS

Subjects: Creative Arts / Design / Visual Arts

Ms M Moolman

Email: mmoolman@

Class: 10Mn

Subjects: Creative Arts / History / Social Sciences

Ms T Moore

HOD: Assistant Grade Head: Gr 11

Email: tmoore@

Subjects: Business Studies / EMS / Life Orientation

Mrs W Mostert

Email: wmostert@

Subjects: Consumer Studies

Mrs L Neethling

Email: lneethling@

Class: 8Nt

Subjects: English

Mrs R Nieuwoudt

Email: rnieuwoudt@

Class: 10Nw

Subjects: Afrikaans

Mrs C North

Email: cnorth@

Subjects: Dance

Ms S Nortier

H.O.D. / Grade Head: Gr 11 / Subject Head: English (Seniors)

Email: samantha@

Subjects: English

Mr K Oberg

Email: koberg@

Class: 8Ob

Subjects: Geography / Social Sciences

Mrs C Parris

Email: cparris@

Class: 12Pr

Subjects: Physical Science / Natural Sciences

Mrs C Pauw-Roelofse


Email: cpauw@

Subjects: Afrikaans

Ms O Piek

Deputy Head: Human Resources

Email: piek@

Subjects: English

Mrs A Pietersen

Email: apietersen@

Class: 10Pt

Subjects: English

Mr A Prins

Email: aprins@

Class: 11Pn

Subjects: English

Mrs L Rosenberg

Subject Head: Social Sciences and History

Email: lrosenberg@

Class: 8Rs

Subjects: History / Social Sciences

Mr H Scholtz

Email: hscholtz@

Class: 10Sh

Subjects: Technology / Life Orientation

Mrs R Schreuder

Subject Head: Geography

Email: rschreuder@

Class: 11Sd

Subjects: Geography / Life Orientation

Mr T Slabbert

Email: tslabbert@

Class: 8Sr

Subjects: Mathematics

Mrs T Simmonds

Subject Head: Economic Management Sciences

Email: tsimmonds@

Class: 12Si

Subjects: Accounting / Economic Management Sciences

Mrs C Simmonds-Pretorius

Email: cpretorius@

Class: 10Sp


Music / Creative Arts / Life Orientation

Mrs F Simon

Email: fsimon@

Class: 8Sn

Subjects: Mathematical Literacy / Sciences

Ms C Skuce

Email: cskuce@

Class: 111k

Subjects: Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy

Mrs S Swanepoel

Subject Head: Creative Arts

Email: sswanepoel@

Class: 9Sw

Subjects: Creative Arts / Life Orientation

Mrs M Taylor

Subject Head: Natural Sciences

Assistant Grade Head: Gr 8

Email: mtaylor@

Subjects: Life Sciences / Natural Sciences

Mr B Tome

Email: btome@

Class: 12Tm

Subjects: Afrikaans / Life Orientation

Mrs M Uys

H.O.D: Functions/ Subject Head: Afrikaans

Email: muys@

Subjects: Afrikaans

Ms J van der Merwe


Email: jeanette@

Subjects: Afrikaans

Mrs A van Niekerk

Assistant Grade Head: Gr 10

Email: avanniekerk@

Subjects: Afrikaans / English

Ms M van Wyk

Email: mvanwyk@

Class: 8Vk

Subjects: Mathematics

Ms S van Wyk

Subject Head: Life Sciences

Email: sunelle@

Class: 8Vw

Subjects: Life Sciences / Natural Sciences

Mrs E van Zyl

H.O.D. / Grade Head: Gr 12

Email: evanzyl@

Subjects: Afrikaans

Ms JM Venter

Email: jmventer@

Class: 8Vt

Subjects: IT

Mr N Veldman

Subject Head: Business Studies

Email: veldman@

Class: 11Ve

Subjects: Business Studies / Economic Management Sciences

Mrs C Vermeulen

H.O.D. / Grade Head: Gr 10 / Subject Head: Music

Email: vermeulen@

Subjects: Creative Arts / Music

Mrs M Vermeulen

Email: mvermeulen@

Class: 12Vr

Subjects: Mathematics

Mrs S Visser

Email: svisser@

Class: 10Vs

Subjects: English

Mrs M Vos

Email: mvos@

Class: 12Vo

Subjects: English

Mrs A Wessels

Subject Head: Physical Sciences

Email: awessels@

Class: 11Ws

Subjects: Natural Sciences / Physical Sciences

Mr P Wiles

Email: pwiles@

Class: 8Wi

Subjects: Mathematics