PTSA AGM Minutes 2013

Published: 07 February 2014

Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Parents, PTSA, Principal and Staff of Fairmont High


  1.      Mr Dingley welcomed all parents and teachers present, PTSA members and Rob Burns, and thanked them for their                   support.
  2.      He indicated that the purpose of the evening was two-fold in that the programme included both the AGM of the PTSA and        an opportunity to meet the teachers.
  3.      Formal consultative Teacher/Parent one on one meetings will take place next term. Grades 8 and 9 will have their                  meeting on Tuesday the 9th of April, and grades 10, 11 and 12 will have their meeting on Thursday the 11th of April.
  4.      Mr Dingley thanked Bobbi Pretorius, the outgoing chairperson, for her hard work and enormous effort contridbuted by            her. He also congratulated Audrey Dolpire, the chairperson for 2013, who has lots of experience as a member of the              PTSA already.
  5.      Juliet thanked Mr Dingley and welcomed everyone to the PTSA AGM.
  6.      She apologised on behalf of Bobbi Pretorius, ex-chairman, who was unable to attend the meeting.
  7.      promoting fellowship amongst parents, teachers, students and the community
  8.      helping the School Governing Body in promoting the best interests of the school and its students
  9.      raising funds for school projects for the benefits of its students.



Juliet mentioned that the minutes of the 2012 AGM were available on the website and asked for a proposer and a seconder for the acceptance of these, after ensuring that copies had been made available to any interested parties.

Proposer:         Audrey Dolpire

Seconder:         Chelayne Meaker


All parents, teachers and students are members of the PTSA. That means all of you and your children and their teachers already belong to us. The PTSA executive committee guides the association’s activities in accordance with its objectives which are:


In 2012 the committee was again guided largely by the first objective of fellowship and we feel that we have made huge strides in the area both internally as well as in the community at large.

  •          Our 2012 fund-raising events included a cake sale, catering at the annual sporting derby days, the sale of Scooters                Pizza discount cards, a very successful evening with Larry Soffer and the Arts Festival..
  •          The culmination of months of effort was, as always, the Fairmont Community Festival which was held in October. Last            year’s Festival made a profit of about R121 000 which was considerably more than in past years despite a huge                    increase in capital outlay.
  •          It has become increasingly costly to host and grow the festival and sponsorship will again have to be a major focus in            2013.
  •          The other activities already mentioned raised a further R52 000 and our total profit for 2012 amounted to R172 536.06.

Bobbi has asked me to extend her thanks to the executive committee who worked so hard last year and especially her office bearers for their hard work and support.

She also thanks the SGB, the teachers, as well as that core of special parents who are always there when we need help.

Her thanks also go to all the parents who supported the events held and finally, most importantly, to the students – the reason for all our work.


  1.      Audrey’s message to the parents was to please get involved. Your children have 5 short years at high school during which      they will face many challenges and do a lot of growing up.
  2.      The school encourages students to “Be the change they want to see in the world”. Getting involved with school activities        will not only keep you in touch with your child’s environment, but will give you valuable insight into why things are done in      certain ways and how much actually goes into successfully running a school.
  3.      In the event that a system or procedure does need tweaking, an involved parent will be ideally placed to initiate this              through the correct channels. We call ourselves the Monty family and believe that if you want the best for your children          you have to get involved in their school. It’s that simple.
  4.      You can help by volunteering to serve on

-       the PTSA executive

-       Class representative

-       Helpers

  •          PTSA executive consists of ordinary, fee-paying parents with no extra special attributes or qualifications. We welcome            new members and fresh ideas, but it must be stressed that it is very much a working committee which requires                    commitment, energy and dedication.
  •          Class Representatives are the vital link between the PTSA executive and parents. They are our organizers and liaise              with the parents by class to arrange helpers for various events. This is a 2-way street and class reps also facilitate                parent communication with the PTSA executive.
  •          Helpers are our most valuable assets. We are nothing without the people who roll up their sleeves and get to work. Our          motto as far as helpers is concerned is: the more the merrier!
  •          Suggestions
    • Parents were encouraged to make use of the suggestion box in the foyer, and to encourage their children to do the same. Contents come to the PTSA, so it is not a means to address discipline, sport, academic or performance issues. There is also an online suggestion facility on the school website under “contact us”.
  •           My School
    • Have you changed the beneficiary on your my School card to Fairmont High? If not, please stop at the ladies in the foyer on your way to get a cup of tea, and they will update your details on the My School website. If you are not yet a My School supporter, please sign up with the ladies as well. Fairmont benefitted last year to the tune of about R62 000.00 from the My School initiative, so please support it. Last year we facilitated a blanket drive in partnership with My School, and were able to donate approximately 100 blankets to old age homes.


Sign-up and sponsorship forms were left on each seat and parents were requested to complete them and leave them on the seats when they went to meet the teachers. We are counting on an overwhelming response and may have to limit numbers of new executive members and class reps for each grade, but help will definitely never be refused. Executive committee and class rep appointments will be confirmed by e-mail and published in the next week’s circular.



Mr Dingley thanked Juliet and Audrey for their contributions and everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting with a slideshow of past festivals giving the parents an idea of how much help and sponsorship is needed as well as how much fun it is to provide great entertainment while building fellowship and raising funds.