PTSA AGM Minutes 2011

Published: 13 February 2012

PTSA AGM Minutes held at Fairmont High School

Wednesday, 16 February 2011




Parents, PTSA, Principal and Staff of Fairmont High



  1. Mr Dingley welcomed all parents and teachers present, and thanked them for their support.
  2. He indicated that the purpose of the evening was two-fold in that the programme included both the AGM of the PTSA and an opportunity to meet the teachers.
  3. Parents were reminded of a large academic evening on Thursday the 3rd of March predominantly for Grades 11 & 12, but all Grades would be welcome. There will be a presentation by Representatives from Universities and other Tertiary Institutions about the importance of learners and senior academics.
  4. Mr Dingley also informed parents of the Academic Feedback evenings during the 1st week of next term. Grade 8 & 9 parents could make teacher appointments for Wednesday, 13 April, and Grade 10, 11 & 12 parents would have their appointments on Thursday, 14 April.
  5. He also told the parents to make an appointment or send an e-mail if they have other pressing issues or concerns.
  6. Mr Dingley thanked Jes Cooper for her hard work and efficiency as the PTSA chair over the last 4 years, and congratulated Barry Pearce on his election to chair.
  7. Mr Dingley then introduced Peter Lester, the chairman of the School Governing Body.



  1. Peter Lester thanked Mr Dingley for the opportunity to address the parents, and apologised for not being able to attend the New Parent Evening previously.
  2. He described the structure and functions of the School Governing Body who meet once a month to review activities, and correspond via e-mail or conference calls when travelling.
  3. 2010 Projects included focussed on:
    1. Fiscal Governance
    2. Compliance
    3. Marketing & Communications
    4. H/R, Administration, Discipline & Culture
    5. Strategic Planning
  4. He encouraged parents to make an application to view the plan for the next 3 years - 2011, 2012 & 2013.
  5. Challenges that are faced include:
    1. Financial
    2. No. of Learners per class, and in the school
    3. Resources
  6. The philosophy is to keep a balance between Academics, Sport & Culture.
  7. Peter stated that parent participation is absolutely critical, and that revenue generation is KEY!
  8. He mentioned that the PTSA performance for 2010 was very impressive, and that funds raised by the PTSA had been used for the following:
    1. Bathroom Upgrades
    2. New student benches
    3. Additional air conditioning in the prefabs
    4. Tuckshop revamp
    5. Gallery
  9. The SGB is creating another arm for revenue generation in the form of Golf Days, Corporate Sponsorship etc.
  10. The clothing bank and tuckshop are also additional sources of income.



Jes Cooper asked for a proposer and a seconder for the acceptance of the minutes of the 2010 AGM after ensuring that copies had been made available to any interested parties.

 Proposer:         Bobbi Pretorius

Seconder:        Lila Ukabhai



  1. Jes Cooper welcomed everyone present and thanked them for attending, and then got straight into her report for 2010.
    1. TERM 1:          This consisted of planning for the year’s events
    2. TERM 2:          Arts Festival & Music Evening
                               Theatre Evening with Allan Committie
                               Learners were provided with World Cup Buttons
    3. TERM 3:          Festival planning - Car Race Raffle
                               Settlers Contact
                               Edgemead Derby Day
    4. TERM 4:          Festival - Bigger and Better
                               New Rides and Games
                               R40 000 more profit than 2009
                               New Rides and Games
                               R40 000 more profit than 2009
    5. Tuckshop and the hiring out of the Multi Purpose Centre also contributed to the profits.
    6. Overall, the PTSA managed to make R164 000 in profit for 2010.
  2. Jes thanked the 2010 committee for their hard work and dedication, as well as the Class Reps, Teachers, Students and other supportive parents.
  3. Jes left a closing message with the parents to ‘Get Involved – It’s the right thing to do.’



Barry outlined the objectives of the PTSA:

  1. To promote fellowship amongst parents, teachers and students
  2. To assist the School Governing Body in promoting the best interests of the school and it’s students
  3. To raise funds



Barry shed some light on the My School programme and how it works.

  1. Parents can apply online, and cards can be obtained for friends and family who are not associated with the school as well.
  2. Beneficiary schools can be split if one has children in both primary and high school.
  3. So Swipe that Card – It’s really a No-Brainer!



  1. Barry’s message to the parents was that 2011 is the year to Get Involved, and then to Stay Involved!
  2. He also reiterated that the focus of the PTSA is on fellowship, with a sideline to raising funds.
  3. Parents were encouraged to keep an eye on newsletters as well as on the school’s website.
  4. The Interhouse and Interschools Athletics meetings are already in the past, the Arts Festival will be held next term, and then of course the big Festival.
  5. There are both a Cricket and a Rugby World Cup this year, and PTSA is looking at perhaps hosting celebrities for breakfast.
  6. The committee is very enthusiastic, but NEEDS support.
  7. With a committee of less than 20, PTSA cannot possibly do all the work – more folk are needed to spread the load.
    1. CLASS REPS:                          2 representatives per class are needed
    2. GRADE REPS:                         2 representatives per grade are needed to sit on the PTSA
    3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  A minimum of 10 parents
                                                         Additional parents are needed
                                                          2 Teachers
                                                          2 Students
                                                          Principal/Senior Deputy (Management)
  9. Currently PTSA are a committee of 17 parents, and would like to have 1 new parent per grade join.
  10. It is very definitely a working committee who meet once a month for 2 to 3 hours.
  11. The PTSA serves the school with commitment, dedication, energy and action -  not just talk.
  12. School Alert makes the job of a class rep ie communication to the classes, quite a bit easier.
  13. There are about 2000 parents – ALL parents NEED to get involved!
With the assistance of the current PTSA members, the grades were split up into various areas in the school hall. Parents were asked to indicate their interest in being either a grade rep, an events assistant or a class rep. Their names were recorded and collected by the PTSA.
Everyone was invited to take their seats again, and Barry thanked the parents for their response.

  1. Barry outlined the change in the PTSA constitution, and encouraged interested parties to request a copy.
  2. Usually the executive committee is only selected after the AGM, which results in planning for major events only beginning in term 2.
  3. The constitution has been revised so that the executive portfolios can be filled at the end of the previous year, enabling the committee to hit the ground running from the 1st PTSA meeting of the following year.
  4. Executive positions can be filled by anyone who has been a member of the PTSA for a year.
  5. The next election will take place at the end of 2011.

Barry handed the meeting over to Mr Dingley, who thanked Peter Lester and Barry.
Parents were directed to the teacher corners, and the meeting was adjourned at 20h00.