PTSA AGM Minutes 2014

Published: 08 February 2015

Wednesday, 12 February 2014



Parents, Parent Forum, Principal and Staff of Fairmont High


  1. Mr Dingley welcomed all parents, teachers and Parent Forum members present, and thanked them for their support.
  2. Cafè Monty was open for coffee and light refreshments.
  3. He indicated that the purpose of the evening was two-fold in that the programme included both the AGM of the Parent Forum and an opportunity to meet the teachers.
  4. There would be an opportunity later in the year for one on one consultations with the teachers, but tonight was merely an introduction, and an opportunity to put a face to the name.
  5. Mr Dingley thanked the Parent Forum for an incredible job through 2013. He mentioned that their work did not go unnoticed, and that their efforts were appreciated.
  6. The PTSA has now become the Parent Forum, and in essence will be working closely with the Governing Body.


  1. Audrey welcomed everyone to the Parent Forum AGM, and mentioned that the minutes from the previous AGM were available on the school’s website.
  2. They were proposed by Thane Masureik, and seconded by Liza May.
  3. She then mentioned that the year had been successful with after cake sales, pancake sales, an Arts Festival and the Fairmont Community Festival, which raised R90 000.
  4. The purpose of the Fairmont Community Festival was not just to raise funds, but also to bring together the parents and the community.
  5. Plans for 2014 included a Fun Walk/Run during March and a mountain bike race during the 3rd term.
  6. The festival would be postponed until February or March of 2015.
  7. There is a new challenge to change the face of the PTSA, to become the Parent Forum.


  1. The new Parent Forum will tackle grade relevant projects with the help of parents in those particular grades.
  2. The grade 8 quad will be the first project.
  3. In today’s economic climate, it is easier and cheaper to do the labour ourselves.
  4. It will also enhance a sense of community.
  5. Parents need to take ownership of school aspects where their children are involved.
  6. The Grade 8 Forum is in place, grade 9 will be put in place over the next 2 weeks, and grades 10 and 11 2 weeks after that.
  7. Please complete a form, talk to parents in the same grade about committing, get involved and be part of the Fairmont Family.


  1. Currently Fairmont is earning about R8 000 a month from the My School project.
  2. Applications are available on line, but will also be made available to pupils.
  3. Please apply for a My School card if you don’t have one, or alternatively, change your beneficiary to Fairmont if you have not done so yet.


Mr Dingley thanked Audrey and Henry for their reports, and the parents and staff for their attendance.

He invited the parents to meet the staff at their subject points.